N9 Siblings Sells Aromatic Pizzas Baked In Wood Oven To Survive MCO

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Without any financial resources, staying at home during MCO can get very hard. Despite that, this set of six siblings refuses to let fate take charge. They came up with an impressive way to gain a side income by selling pizzas.

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @thestar (Facebook)

Jemapoh Pizza Kayu Api

The siblings came up with the idea to sell homemade wood-fired oven-baked pizzas. after agonizing upon long unproductive hours a home. They name it ‘Jemapoh Pizza Kayu Api’.  The eldest, Raudhah Hassan, 35, said in an interview with Bernama, “Rather than sitting around doing nothing, we thought it would be better if we do something to earn a side income for our family.”

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @JemapohPIZZAKAYU (Facebook)

She continued that they have only started five days before Ramadan. And it immediately became a hit not only among locals but on social media as well. Hamzah, 33, was the one responsible of creating the recipe as he is a skilled baker. “Hamzah used to study in Jordan and he also learned to make bread with the locals there.” Thus he was appointed as head chef.

Distributing Roles Equally

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @JemapohPIZZAKAYU (Facebook)

Raudhah said that each of them has their own role. “For example, I am responsible to monitor the business flow while the other four have been tasked to prepare the toppings, manage the baking as well as packaging and the delivery of the pizza to our customers,”

Pizzas With Extra Effort And Extra Oomph

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @JemapohPIZZAKAYU (Facebook)

According to Raudhah, the extra effort of making traditional pizza makes it more aromatic. The wood oven would not only add a smoky flavour to the pizza but it will also take a shorter time to cook. “In one minute, the pizza is ready and we can take it out of the oven, ” she said, adding that they could sell up to 350 pizzas per day.

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @JemapohPIZZAKAYU (Facebook)

Apparently it’s not that hard to prepare Jemapoh Pizza. However, to knead the dough by hand takes a lot of energy and manpower. Taking the pizza in and out of the traditional oven can also be challenging.

jemapoh pizza kayu
Photo: @JemapohPIZZAKAYU (Facebook)

The pizzas were originally sold to the people in their village. Regardless, people travelled from far to have a taste of this pizza after they were featured and made viral on Facebook.“I never thought our pizza would receive an overwhelming response from the public,” Does this article makes you hungry? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: The Star

Address: Kampung Desa Jemapoh, 72000, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

Contact: 010-231 5404

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