We’ve Tried The KFC New ‘Burger Banjir’ And Here’s What We Thought

Foodies, Malaysian favourite fast-food chain, KFC has come up with a new menu again! It’s a new burger alert! The new KFC ‘Burger Banjir’ menu is available now at all stores nationwide, for a limited time only! We’ve managed to grab a couple to try them out, and here’s what we thought.


The New KFC ‘Burger Banjir’ Looks Sinfully Delicious in Picture:

We Malaysians love all things ‘banjir’ or ‘meleleh,’ there’s something about an overwhelming amount of sauces that make food more tempting. Here’s the tea, KFC’s new Burger Banjir is a makeover from their classic burger menu.

Photo: KL Foodie


Their bestselling Hot & Spicy Zinger Burger gets an upgrade where the patty is drenched in a generous amount of barbecue sauce. Stacked between two fluffy buns, a drizzle of mayonnaise and vegetable, the promotional photos sure looked tempting. The ones we got on the other hand, how do we put this, a non-photoshopped version?

Photo: KL Foodie

Here’s our two cents on the taste. If you’ve tried sweet and sour chicken, this is exactly how the burger tasted. Don’t get us wrong, it was a decent burger, just that we expected more. We wished the sauce has more smoky aroma so that the taste profile would be more ‘masculine,’ get it?


Available at All KFC Stores Nationwide:

For those of you who are a fan of KFC, this is still worth a try. The ‘Burger Banjir’ menu is already up in their outlets nationwide for a limited time only! Available in four different sets, priced from RM12.49.

Good news, get an additional 10% discount with promo code “BANJIR” when you purchase the new KFC Burger Banjir via delivery or KFC app. Foodies, if you’ve tried the new burger, don’t forget to share with us your thoughts in the comments. That’s all, happy feasting!


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