This Instagram-Worthy Cafe In TTDI, KL Is Every Matcha Lover’s Dream Come True

So Matcha Love

When it comes to versatility, matcha easily takes the cake. From mouth-watering desserts to beverages, matcha is all you need to live by. Matcha lovers, listen up! There’s a brand new matcha cafe in town and you’re not going to want miss out on this. This place will have all your matcha cravings satisfied instantly!


Oh Cha Matcha Is Your New Spot For All Matcha Cravings

If every matcha lover reunited and thought about their dream cafe – this place is just that and has so much more to offer. This chic little cafe nestled in the neighbourhood of TTDI is just where you can indulge in an unlimited supply of matcha goodness in all shapes and sizes.

Photo: @ohchamatcha.kl (Instagram)

The one thing you cannot miss here and is their crowd-favourite is the Ceremonial Matcha. Using the highest grade tea leaves grown in Uji, Kyoto – this drink will have every matcha connoisseur quaking in their seats. This may also be one of the healthiest drinks you can find ever.

Photo: @ohchamatcha.kl (Instagram)
Photo: @yumtummy28_ (Instagram)

If you’re not much of a matcha purist, you can find a range of matcha latte too. Best part about this place – you can swap your ordinary milk with any sort of lactose-free milk for free. Perfect for those whom are lactose intolerant. Besides, you’ll find a variety of matcha-infused drinks in magical colours, each boasting different health benefits. They even have a Beauty Series, where they add on collagen to your favourite matcha drink. Say what?!

Photo: @ohchamatcha.kl (Instagram)
Photo: @alyssia_yu (Instagram)

Because having a laundry list of different interesting beverages is not enough, Oh Cha Matcha also has a variety of desserts and food. Still on that matcha train? Fret not. They have Matcha Burnt Cheesecake and Roti Bakar with Matcha Spread too! But if you’re looking for a change of palate, they also offer classic pastas and delicious-looking Japanese rice bowls.

Photo: @ohchamatcha.kl (Instagram)

Visit Oh Cha Matcha For A Matcha Heaven You’ve Yearn For

Don’t forget to take a million pictures when you pay a visit at Oh Cha Matcha next time. Decked out in pastel pink hues, your matcha beverage goes seamlessly against it. With countless matcha beverages and food, there’s much matcha choices here. It’s the perfect place for a little tea time on the weekends as you and your friends catch up.

Oh Cha Matcha

Address: 130, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: (MON – THU, SUN) 10AM – 7:30PM ; (FRI & SAT) 10AM – 9:30PM

Status: Muslim-Friendly


Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

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