5 Famous Landmarks In Old Town Central Hong Kong That We’re Missing Right Now 

Let’s admit that we all miss traveling; the good old times when we can just pack our bags, and take some time off work to do nothing but chill. If you miss traveling, then stay with us because today, we will be taking a virtual trip over to Hong Kong’s Old Town Central. To be specific, we’re just gonna be reminiscing on the 5 landmarks that make Old Town Central Hong Kong what it is today. Ready? Let’s go.

5 Best Food Landmarks In Old Town Central Hong Kong

Before we begin, let’s take a look at Old Town Central Hong Kong in general. Old Town Central Hong Kong is the best place to fully immerse ourselves in the true Hong Kong experience. This is because one can see the beaming future of HK here yet at the same time, still see the remnants of Hong Kong. It’s the perfect blend between colourful, chaos, and charm. When you’re ready to explore the 4 famous landmarks of Old Town Central, just scroll down.

1. Lin Heung Tea House

Old Town Central Hong Kong
Photo: @markuswidjaja (Instagram)

The very first landmark in Old Town Central Hong Kong is definitely a yumcha spot. Lin Heung Tea House, established in 1962 is one of the many renowned tea houses that gives you a spot-on Hong Kong experience. Step foot into this place and you’ll be greeted by a buzzing atmosphere and delicious trays of steaming hot Dim Sum. Among the must-try items here include Prawn Dumpling (Har Gao), Pork Bun (Char Siew Bao), Chicken Feet, and Cheong Fun.

Old Town Central Hong Kong
Photo: @hkfoodsnob (Instagram)

Address: 162號 Wellington St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 6 AM–10 PM (Mon-Sun)

2. Dai Pai Dong

Old Town Central Hong Kong

Next up, we have yet another famous Hong Kong signature, Dai Pai Dong. Dai Pai Dong are open-air stalls whereby you can see diners enjoying while chefs cooking by the street. While we can savour plenty of street food at Hong Kong’s Dai Pai Dong, one of the dishes that everyone must have tried is the ‘Sorrowful Rice’.  It is a bowl of pork belly char siew, with a sunny-side-up egg on rice. The holy trinity (pork belly, egg and rice) work so well together that its popularity spreads across South East Asia and was even featured in Stephen Chow’s 1996 movie, “God of Cookery”.

Old Town Central Hong Kong

3. Kowloon Soy Company

Old Town Central Hong Kong
Photo: @feltm (Instagram)

One must not leave Hong Kong without first bringing back a token or souvenir. And the best spot to get some local produce is none other than at Kowloon Soy Company. Here, you can expect to get an unassuming, artisanal, slow-brewed soy sauce like the signature Gold Label Light Soy Sauce that never disappoints. Also, each batch of soy sauce is made using the traditional method since 1917; by slowly fermenting in ceramic barrels under the sun.

Old Town Central Hong Kong
Photo: @aroundthediningtable (Instagram)

Address: 9 Graham St, Central, Hong Kong

4. Egg Waffles or Gai Daan Jai

Photo: @hongkongeatz (Instagram)

Let’s keep the foodie tour ongoing with the most delicious landmark at Old Town Central Hong Kong; egg waffles, or in Cantonese, “gai daan jai”. As one of the most popular street snack in Hong Kong, gai daan jai is fragrant, has a slightly crispy texture on the outside yet fluffy and soft on the inside. When you’re around Old Town Central, you can find them everywhere.

5. Arcane

Old Town Central Hong Kong
Photo: @arcanerestaurant (Facebook)

The final must-visit spot in Old Town Central is none other than Arcane. Arcane is a restaurant by Chef Shane Osborn, the very first Australian chef to be awarded  two Michelin stars. Arcane serves modern European cuisine with menus that are seasonally lead, utilizing the finest produce from Japan, France, and the UK. The entire restaurant has an English tropical garden with lush greenery as hedges surrounding the dining area. Perfect for a fancy dinner date!

Photo: @arcanerestaurant (Facebook)

Address: 3rd Floor, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong

Hours: Lunch  Mon-Fri 12.00-2.30 | Dinner Tues-Sat 18.00-22.30 (Closed Sunday)

Virtual Foodie Tour Around Old Town Central Hong Kong

And there you have it. These are the 4 landmarks at Old Town Central, Hong Kong that are giving us major withdrawals. In case you’re missing Hong Kong real bad, we hope this virtual tour is a  reminder of the good old times. Let’s all stay safe and keep our fingers crossed that traveling will be back on the agenda soon. Bye!

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