You Can Now Send Edible Hearts to Your Stranded Loved Ones in Singapore with Pizza Hut

The pandemic has affected every one of us in multiple ways. While social distancing is important in keeping our loved ones safe, it can put a strain on our relationships. Our beloved pizza chain, Pizza Hut now lets you rekindle the sparks of love by sending your loved ones a Pizza Heart, even if they’re stranded across the border!

Turn Virtual Hearts into Real, Edible Hearts by Sending a Pizza Heart to Your Loved Ones:

Photo: KL Foodie

Pizza Hut always strives to bring Malaysians together through delightful and heartwarming pizza experiences. With the launch of Pizza Heart, you can now literally send love that you can physically hold, hug and taste from a safe distance!

Photo: KL Foodie

Instead of just sending virtual love online, Malaysians can now send a physical heart-shaped pizza packed in a heart-shaped box. It’s such a creative way to reconnect with loved ones in this new norm that we’re now living in.

Photo: KL Foodie

As if Pizza Hut isn’t a sweetheart in this month of love, they’ve even reached out to its branches in Singapore so that we can send our love all the way to Singapore! Especially to Malaysians who are stranded in the Lion City. Pizza Hut, hats off to you!

Photo: KL Foodie

So how do we send a Pizza Heart to our loved ones? Pizza Hut’s ‘Turning Virtual into Real Pizza Heart’ campaign is available for order via website or through Pizza Hut App for delivery. Take away is also valid throughout Malaysia in conjunction with this season of love.

Photo: KL Foodie

“But I want to send Pizza Hearts across the border?” Fret not, a limited-edition Pizza Heart delivery to Singapore and different states in Malaysia can be done. However, you’ll have to respond to a social post on Pizza Hut Malaysia Facebook Page on 10 February 2021. If you’re the lucky one, a Pizza Heart will be delivered to your loved ones on your behalf!

Send a Pizza Heart Via Pizza Hut Today:

Photo: KL Foodie

We couldn’t praise Pizza Hut enough for its effort in giving love despite such a hard time. There’s no reason not to celebrate the month of love, even when two hearts are stranded. Send your loved ones an edible Pizza Heart via Pizza Hut now and picture their reaction! Sending lots of love from us to you, buh bye!

Link(s): Facebook | Website

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