Police Patrolling on Horseback Seen in Action at Puchong

Good day foodies, how are you? By now we’ve all seen or heard of police roadblocks and patrols everywhere to make sure the public complies to the SOP. Typically, their mode of transportation is either motorcycle or car, but police patrols were seen riding on horses in Puchong the other day. We thought we saw a Hollywood scene for a moment.

Police Patrolling on Horseback Found in Puchong Area:

Photo: China Press

A few days ago, a whole squad of mounted police was seen patrolling Bandar Puteri Puchong to monitor compliance of standard operating procedure (SOP). They were riding on horses instead of the usual motorcycle or car. The extravagant appearance shocked the public in that area. Just imagine you’re there doing your usual routine and suddenly, a mounted police appears behind you.

Photo: China Press

The move was initiated by Serdang Police Station, and it is to create awareness and to make sure that the public adhere strictly to the SOP. Some people thought it was more of a show, while others welcomed it.

Photo: China Press

Foodies, what do you think? We thought it’s nice to see police patrolling on horseback once in a while. After all, it’s fun to watch and you’ll notice them right away. Kudos to the police team and everyone out there working hard to fight against the virus. Stay home, stay safe and buh bye!

Source: China Press

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