Malaysia Currently Ranked 14th In The POPCAT Game That Went Viral On The Internet

The meme culture definitely plays a huge role on social media. Every day there’ll be a new meme that pops up on our feed and grows popular. Recently, a cat meme POPCAT took over the internet by storm, fans even created a mini-game based on the cat. The clicking game, went viral in just a few days, and netizens are calling it “Catlympic.” Malaysia is currently in 14th place on the global leaderboard, so click away and make Malaysia proud! *Meow*


Malaysia Currently Ranked 14th In The POPCAT Game:

For those of you who didn’t know, is a clicking game created by meme fans Josh, Ed and Freddy. The interface is simple, each time when you click on the cat, its mouth turns into an “O” shape and you’ll get a point. It’s really cute, not to mention the “pop” sound it makes each time you click on the cat.

Your score will determine the ‘fate of the country,’ because there won’t be any users or avatars, you’re basically representing your own country (depending on your VPN). So the more times you click on the POPCAT, the higher your score, and it’ll help in the ranking of your country on the leaderboard.

We don’t know about you, but sounds like the aftermath of post-Olympic, but in a good way. That’s why netizens are calling it a “Catlympic.” Finland currently tops the chart, with Taiwan close behind, ranking second. Malaysia is currently in 14th place, and the numbers are still going up, so don’t give up and keep clicking!

So, are you in this game or nah? For the first time ever, we Malaysians get to ‘participate’ in an Olympic-like game, without any rules and requirements. It’s fun and exciting to see the numbers keep rising on the leaderboard. Plus the POPCAT is really cute, so head over to the mini-game website and click away because we might win a ‘medal!’ link:

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