Pos Laju Malaysia Now Lets You Deliver & Collect Parcels At Your Nearest 7-Eleven Outlets

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  • Razer Parcel+ collaborates with Pos Laju Send Parcel
  • Sellers can now drop off parcels at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets and have them delivered by Pos Laju
  • Self-collect option is also available for buyers

Good morning friends! As we’re now officially into the extension of CMCO, one other thing that keeps surfacing online aside from recipes is none other than our courier services. While scrolling through our social media, most of us must have seen photos of courier hubs filled with parcels. Or, if we’re rather unlucky, some of our parcels are still on their way even after a month. Well, there’s a new courier service available that lets you pick up your parcels at 7-Eleven. How convenient is that?

Drop Off And Self-Collect Your Parcel At Your Nearest 7-Eleven

As a collaboration between Razer Parcel+ and PosLaju, sellers can now deliver items to the buyer’s selected 7-Eleven outlets and have the items delivered. Alternatively, buyers can opt to self-pick up the item. So, instead of waiting one whole month for our parcels to arrive at our doorsteps, we can now self-collect and deliver our parcels at our preferred 7-Eleven branch.

PosLaju 7-Eleven
Photo: @PoslajuMalaysia (Facebook)

In just 4 easy steps, every seller can enjoy this seamless and hassle-free service. Here’s how:

1) Visit Pos Laju SendParcel’s website at​
2) Register to log in.​
3) Create your shipment details and select 7-Eleven points then print your consignment note with the clear barcode.​
4) Proceed to selected 7-Eleven* stores within 48 hours and inform the cashier that you would like to drop-off your parcel.

PosLaju 7-Eleven
Photo: @RazerMerchantServices (Facebook)

If you’re a buyer looking to self-collect your parcel, here’s how:

  1. Shop online on the browser
  2. Select your preferred 7-Eleven store
  3. Seller will deliver the parcel to the preferred store
  4. Collect your parcel by showing a barcode and a one-time-password (OTP) received via SMS
PosLaju 7-Eleven
Photo: @RazerMerchantServices (Website)

And that is all! So, if you’re a seller looking to deliver items smoothly to your buyer, this new service will work wonders for you. If you’re a buyer, you can also easily and conveniently pick up your parcel without having to wait years. Try it out and let us know how it goes! Till next time!

For more info, check out Razer Parcel+ official website

Featured Image: (L) @RazerMerchantServices (Facebook) | (R) (Instagram)


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