Pringles Japan Released A 161cm Tub Potato Chips That’s Equivalent To Malaysians’ Average Height


  • Pringles Japan has released a 161 cm tub of potato chips.
  • That’s equivalent to Malaysian’s average height.
  • The limited release is not available for sale.

Greetings, everyone! Before we get the party started, here are some facts based on Google. According to Google, the average male height in Malaysia is 164.7 cm, and the average female height in Malaysia is 153.3 cm. With the recent news that Uniqlo is releasing children’s clothing for kids who are 160 cm, it is safe to say that most of us are child-sized unless Google is wrong. But, back to the main event!

Pringles Japan Released A 161cm Tub Potato Chips

Photo: Sora News 24 (Website)
Photo: Sora News 24 (Website)

There are so many reasons why we love Pringles! It is the excitement that we get when we tear off the seal for the very first time. It is the joy that we feel when we sink our hands into the tub to take the first potato chip. Of course, when the flavourful potato chip is nicely layered on our palate – the burst of flavours before the crunch. Without a doubt, Pringles is a crowd favourite among Malaysians.

Photo: Sora News 24 (Website)

In recent news, Pringles Japan has released a stunning 161 cm tub of potato chips. It was released on Pringles Day (self-proclaimed by Pringles Japan on 11th November). The tub was made to match Fuwa-chan, one of the celebrity ambassador of the brand in Japan. This limited release is not for sale, but the brand offered to make life-sized Pringles for eleven people in Japan.

That’s The Average Height Of Malaysians

Photo: Sora News 24 (Website)
Photo: Sora News 24 (Website)

One of the reporters of Sora New 24 had received this massive treat, and it certainly looks impressive. But, we have a burning question. How do you retrieve the potato chips after a quarter without making a mess? Nonetheless, this would be definitely a showstopper. If you are craving for some Pringles, you will be happy to know that it has recently released two brand new flavours in Malaysia? It is time to dig in!

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