All Restaurants And Convenience Stores Are Allowed To Open Until 12AM Starting From 10th June 2020


  • All restaurants and convenience stores are now allowed to open until 12AM.
  • Surau rooms in all shopping malls and R&R spots will reopen too.
  • All the above news starts on 10th June 2020.

Malaysia has been under the Movement Control Order (MCO) for almost 4 months now. As we slowly recover from the pandemic, there has been many new updates in the country. From reopening hair saloons to allowing interstate travel, here’s another news you should get excited about! This time around, the government has announced that all restaurants and convenience stores can open until 12AM midnight starting from 10th June 2020.

Restaurants And Convenience Stores Allowed To Open Until 12AM

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Let’s admit, we Malaysians love midnight snacking. It’s no wonder why Mamak stalls are always full of people even if the clock has already hit 12AM. While MCO has previously stopped restaurants from opening until late, the government has made a new update. Starting from 10th June 2020, all restaurants and convenience stores are allowed to open until 12AM!

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It’s a piece of exciting news that we can finally go back to our favourite stalls at late hours. Be it a small gathering with your friends or a quick spot to satiate your Mamak cravings, here’s a little thing to take note of. That is, all customers have to follow strict SOPs and always keep a social distance! Other than that, enjoy your meal!

Surau Rooms To Reopen In Malls And R&R Spots Too

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In addition, the government has made another important update on surau rooms too. While shopping malls have been back in operation for a while now, surau rooms had not been opened yet. However, starting from 10th June 2020, surau rooms will be reopened in all shopping malls and R&R (rest and relaxation) spots. So, all frequent shoppers, we hope this has been helpful and see you in the next post!

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