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RM3 Main Courses, RM2 Dim Sum, & More for a Limited Time @ Nam Heong 1 Utama

Grab a number in the morning, come back for lunch in the afternoon!

No matter how many promotions I’ve written so far, this one would beat everything in terms of value. 20% rebates? Nah! Buy 1 Free 1? Get outta here! By far, Nam Heong Ipoh’s ‘The Great Opening Feast’ in 1 Utama that features RM3 Main Courses, RM2 Dim Sum, Free Egg Tart & Chicken Sou, and Free Dessert beats everything by a world and a half! Better join the insanely long queue soon, too, as this super-duper promotion will only be available for a limited time!

Nam Heong Ipoh Serving Over Three Generations

Exterior of Nam Heong Ipoh in 1 Utama
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With a whole 6 decades of experience under their belt, Nam Heong Ipoh stands renowned for preserving the timeless flavours of Ipoh’s culinary heritage. With a great importance placed on the quality of their ingredients, they’ve captivated many a heart, and is en route to becoming an iconic brand of the F&B industry in Malaysia.

Nam Heong Ipoh with its Robotic Waiter
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P.S. At Nam Heong Ipoh in 1 Utama, you’ll meet robot waiters too!

The Great Opening Feast in All Its Glory

Nam Heong Ipoh 'The Great Opening Feast' Promotion Banner
Nam Heong Ipoh ‘The Great Opening Feast’ Promotion Banner

Each promotion on their menu has a separate promotion window, as you can very clearly see. Following this, I’ll be listing in full the selection of dishes available, the dates of promotion, and the terms and conditions — All for your convenience!

P.S. Having personally experienced a grand opening of Nam Heong Ipoh in Starling Mall, I can assure you that no matter how cheap they’re selling noodles to you, they definitely don’t skim on the ingredients even one bit!

1. Main Course

Nam Heong Ipoh Main Course
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Selection of Dishes include: Signature Asam Dry Curry Noodles; Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun; Egg Noodles with Wanton; Supreme Prawn Noodles; Signature Roasted Chicken Rice
⏱ Promotion Timing:
22nd — 26th of July 2019
? Promotion:
RM3 for a Main Course
? Notable Terms and Conditions:
Selected Main Course Only

2. Dim Sum


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Selection of Dishes include: Supreme Bbq Pork Bun; Siew Mai; Fried Fish Ball; Crispy Prawn Dumpling; Crispy Prawn Roll; Teochew Mai; Chicken Feets With Black Bean Spicy Sauce; Spare Ribs With Black Bean Sauce
⏱ Promotion Timing: 
29th of July — 2nd of August 2019
? Promotion:
RM2 per set of Dim Sum
? Notable Terms and Conditions: 
Each table is entitled to 3 sets of dim sum

3. Snacks

Nam Heong Ipoh Egg Tarts
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Nam Heong Ipoh Chicken Sou
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Selection of Dishes include: Chicken Sou & Egg Tart
⏱ Promotion Timing:
27th & 28th of July 2019; 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th of August 2019
? Promotion:
1 Free Chicken Sou and 1 Free Egg Tart
? Notable Terms and Conditions:
First 100 customers per session only. First-come-first-serve basis.

4. Dessert


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Selection of Dishes include: (To Be Updated)
⏱ Promotion Timing:
5th — 9th of August 2019
? Promotion:
1 Free Dessert
? Notable Terms and Conditions: 
Valid once per transaction.

A Few Tips to Save Your Time

I remember the days when Nam Heong Ipoh first opened in Starling Mall, and they had some super promotion that gave you a rather sizable bowl of noodles that was filled with meats for only RM3. At the time, it was their grand opening. and the queue for it was insane. Think queuing for 2 hours outside Hai Di Lao is bad? Try waiting double that time for Nam Heong Ipoh…

Anyway, I expect the queue to be just as long here, if not longer. I suggest you ask the attending staff how long you’ll have to wait as you take your number, but my estimate is it’ll be a minimum of 2 hours, if not longer. With this time, simply take a number, and forget about Nam Heong Ipoh for the 2 hours and go shopping around 1 Utama. However, you’ll want to make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the estimated wait time, as they’ll skip your number if you were to not be present during your turn.

The long queue outside Nam Heong Ipoh in 1 Utama
by @ NamHeongIpoh (Facebook)

Also, keep in mind that many people who return late do actually get skipped, so your wait time may actually be 15 mins shorter than your estimate. Whatever your choice is, just make sure you’re there 30 minutes before you think they’ll start calling your numer!

Tell Us How Your Experience Was!

In my experience, it was pretty annoying yet hilarious when I last saw a pair of aunties unscrupulously sneaking food into their tupperwares before putting it into their bags, all the while scanning the room with a dirty look on their faces. They know it was against the restaurant’s policies, yet…

Been there, done that? Tell us how your experience dining with Nam Heong Ipoh was like during this promotion!

P.S. This place is Non-Halal.

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