Local Uni Student Creates Masterpieces By Fusing All Your Favourite Food And Animals Together

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Hello, foodies! We’re pretty sure you’ve set your mind to accomplish something you hardly ever do over these past two months. If you’re looking for a boost of inspiration, maybe this piece of news might do so. Have you ever let your imagination run wild to the point you start seeing animals as part of your favourite food? No, that’s not crazy talk, because this famed local artist is doing exactly just that!

Local Artist From Penang Seamlessly Creates Hybrid Creatures From Food

Photo: @ronnaldong (Instagram)
Photo: @ronnaldong (Instagram)

Now, this is proof that there’s no end to what one’s imagination can bring you. Who would have think to combine a banana with a duck or Oreos with a zebra? None other than this artist! As bizarre as it may seem, these artworks of both your favourite food and wild creatures seamlessly coming as one is weirdly mesmerising. And what’s even more inspiring is the digital artist behind it – Ronald Ong.

Photo: @ronnaldong (Instagram)
Photo: @ronnaldong (Instagram)

Now, Ronald is no run-in-the-mill digital art student, in fact he’s not even studying art. He’s a self-taught digital artist and a medical student at the same time. He first started with minimalism photography back in 2017 and gradually experimented with Adobe Photoshop. Besides, he was even a speaker at last year’s SEA Connect Conference. What an achievement!

There’s More Than Just Animals & Food Artworks Here

Photo: @ronnaldong (Instagram)

One of Ronald’s most famous piece would have to be his Cloud Series where it got featured as the cover image of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. If you’re intrigued (we bet you are), you can head over to his Instagram to get a full glimpse of all his artworks. You can even take a peak at his creative process in creating these art pieces at his insta. Honestly, we can’t wait to see more of his creation in the future as well!

Photo credit: Ronald Ong

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