Saifuddin Abdullah: Malaysians Do Not Need Licence To Post Their Videos On Social Media Anymore

Taking A U-Turn


  • The government has now decided that Malaysians do not need a licence to post their videos on social media, according to Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.
  • The Cabinet will look to amend the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) Act and uphold freedom of the media and individual freedom on social media.

You Can Now Post Videos On Social Media, Without A Licence

In a latest update concerting the FINAS Act, it appears that Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah made a complete U-turn from this previous explanations yesterday when he informed Parliament about a new rule; that anyone who wants to post or publish videos on social media must have a FINAS licence. He now retracts his statement and says that Malaysians do not need a licence to post videos on social media. In a press statement, Saifuddin said, “Social media users such as those of TikTok, YouTube and as such are free to use the platforms to produce and upload videos as usual without the need to apply for a licence or fear of being charged under the Finas Act.”

Photo: The Star (Website)

He also mentioned that his latest statement is “a continuation” from this previous statements made yesterday and that the government has no intention to use the Finas Act to curb the personal freedom of Malaysian citizens. He also said there is no further need to amend the Act.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Caught Anymore, Post Away!

There you have it, that’s the latest from the Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah. Gather around, social media users because you don’t need to be scared about getting caught anymore. You don’t need a licence to post cat videos or food recommendations! Hoorah! Are you glad about this news? Let us know how you feel in the comment section! Bye for now!

Feature image credit: (left) The Star (Website)

Source: The Star 

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