Scan & Pay with MAE To Enjoy Back 2 Back Cashbacks At AEON, Sunway Malls, 99 SpeedMart & More

Living under the new norm dictates minimizing physical contact. We’re all doing this by opting for the cashless lifestyle which includes using e-wallets as a faster and more convenient payment option. Especially when we’re out shopping for essentials, groceries, healthcare needs, or lifestyle purchases, going cashless is the way to go. So if we could shop and at the same time, get rewarded for doing so, isn’t that just the best of both worlds? Well, now you can. Just Scan & Pay via the MAE app and get Back 2 Back cashbacks!


Good Things Are Worth Sharing, Especially Cashbacks!

If you’re a Maybank user, the Scan & Pay feature is so convenient as you do not need to top-up to pay cashless. Not a Maybank user? No problem! You just have to download the MAE app, activate Scan & Pay and you’re good to go! Are you ready to let your friends and family know about this? Scroll down to check out the places that reward you when you Scan & Pay via the MAE app. 

1. AEON (AEON Supermarket, AEON Wellness, AEON Retail)

Running your errands at AEON? Shop for electronics, a new outfit, or even groceries at AEON and get RM5 cashback with a minimum spend of RM50 when you Scan & Pay via the MAE app.

That’s not it, you can even get up to 3x cashback throughout the campaign period from 15th March to 31st May 2021. 

Maybank2u Back 2 Back Cashback

2. 99 Speedmart

99 Speedmart is that one-stop place that many of us turn to for a quick grab-and-go or some emergency toiletries. So while you’re there, Scan & Pay on the MAE app and you can get RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM30 from 15th March to 14th April 2021. 

Maybank2u Back 2 Back Cashback


3. Healthcare Essentials: Pharmacies (Watson’s, Guardian)

The past year has taught us that nothing is more important than our health. Now when you shop for healthcare needs at Watson’s, Guardian, or perhaps just dropping by for a mandatory health checkup, you can get RM5 cashback! Just Scan & Pay via the MAE app with a minimum spend of RM30 from now till 11th April 2021. 

Check out the participating healthcare merchants here. 


Maybank2u Back 2 Back Cashback

 4. Sunway Malls

Photo: @SunwayPyramid (Facebook)

Sunway Malls are perfect for a weekend retail therapy or even a food feast. Did you know that when you’re shopping at any of the Sunway Malls and you activate Scan & Pay via the MAE app at participating merchants like Harvey Norman, Starbucks, or Go Noodle, you can earn up to 1,500 Sunway Pals points per day? Of course, the more points you collect, the better your shopping experience so start collecting!

Maybank2u Back 2 Back Cashback


Earn Cashbacks In 3 Simple Steps

You must be wondering, how do we earn cashback? It’s easy and you can do it in 3 simple steps!

  1. Activate Scan & Pay on your MAE by Maybank2u
  2. Upon payment, tap on the scanner to launch “Scan & Pay” and tap on “Show Your QR Code” to make payment.
  3. Enjoy your cashback!

With so many rewards that you can get on the MAE App simply by using the Scan & Pay feature, don’t say we bojio!  Now it’s your turn to share this news with your friends and family so they too can enjoy these Back 2 Back Cashbacks. Bye!

For more information on Back 2 Back Cashback, click here.

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