Secret Recipe Dropped Elegant Rose Lychee Cake Infused With Lychee Pulp And Rose Petals


Being a versatile and delectable ingredient, you can pair lychee with any kind of dessert or drink. Over the years, we have seen people infusing this fruit with ice creams, puddings, cocktails, and the list goes on. But hey, looks like Secret Recipe is telling us that it can work with roses too?? This should be fun.
secret recipe rose lychee
Photo: @SecretRecipeMsia (Facebook)

Feeling Fancy With Lychee Rose Cake

Seems like Secret Recipe is adding another member to their premium cake series. Introducing the sweet and delightful Rose Lychee Cake! Said to have real rose petals and lychee pulp in it, this cake is layered with premium rose sponge cake, rose mousse, and lychee panna cotta. Having flower petals on cakes definitely spells fancy don’t you think?
secret recipe rose lychee cake
Photo: @nuurhidayah91 (Instagram)

Available At All Outlets Except Johor

Yes, unfortunately, this cake will be available at all Peninsular Malaysia outlets EXCEPT Johor outlets. Sorry, Johoreans. They haven’t say anything about this matter yet but let us hope that it will change soon. Meanwhile, we really want to have a piece now because you won’t be able to find cakes with lychee in it that often.


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