Selangor’s Beautiful Sky Mirror Reopens And It’s Perfect For A Short Weekend Trip

Hello, our dearest foodies! Father’s Day is approaching and if you’re planning for a short trip over the weekend, then today’s post is for you. While many hotels and restaurants are doing promotions for this special day, why not take this chance to escape from your busy schedule? Taking an hour to drive from KL, Kuala Selangor’s famous Sky Mirror is the perfect spot you should at least visit once in your life!


Selangor’s Sky Mirror Reopens And It’s So Beautiful

Photo: Carrie C (Tripadvisor)
Photo: @of.islandlovingandsummerdays (Instagram)

As more people return to work and schools are to reopen soon, it’s slowly getting harder to spend precious time with your family. While there are some of us who prefer to spend quality time at home, others opt for adventurous trips. If you’re the latter type, here’s a spot we thought you would like! It’s none other than Selangor’s Sky Mirror that connects the sea to the sky!

Photo: @kaifongkfc (Instagram)

Most of the time,  Kuala Selangor Beach or ‘Mirror of the Sky’ submerges under the sea. However, when the tide is low and it’s perfect enough to make it act like a mirror, this is a beautiful spot that makes many people go ‘wow’. So don’t forget to clear out any unwanted photos in your album, because it’s normal to take more than 100 here!

A Spot To Add Into Your Bucket List

Photo: @tashhshark_ (Instagram)

Taking around 30 minutes from the Sky Mirror Jetty to the beach, the best time to visit is between 7AM to 2PM. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot a pink dolphin too. While the Sky Mirror only emerges a few days before and after the new moon and full moon, make sure you check the calendar before you plan the trip! Anyways, we hope everyone stays safe and has a great week ahead!

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