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Seoul Garden Hotpot Introduces Korean Curry Hotpot, The First in Malaysia!

Hot Pot Frenzy Foodies!

Who’s ready for another round of hot pot? Continuing from our previous visit to the ever famous China hot pot Xiao Long Kan, this round, is a Korean-themed hotpot. Told ya we’re serious when it comes to hot pot, and we couldn’t resist ourselves from trying out Seoul Garden Hotpot’s latest inventions, the special Korean Curry HotPot series. So hop on foodies, to find out whether their new menu is KL approved, and save yourself some cash!



About Seoul Garden Hotpot:

We believe most Malaysians are no stranger to Seoul Garden, an OG, affordable all-you-can-eat buffet outlet nationwide. The sister outlet, Seoul Garden Hotpot, offers an array of authentic Korean dishes like Bibimbap, HotPot and Jjiage Sets. More than just kimchi, this place is perfect for Korean food lovers on a budget.

Here Comes the Koren Curry Hotpot:

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind looking at these drool-worthy curry hotpot? We thought of those Koreans slurping hot stews ASMR videos. Fun fact: The Korean Curry Hotpot menu is co-created with a renowned Korean celebrity chef! Available only in Seoul Garden Hotpot, it’s the first in Malaysia to offer such unique, personal pot. Guess what? The menu comes with a really good price tag, and here are some of our favorites.

The Korean Curry Lamb Hotpot is hands down one of our favorites. Think tender lamb cuts cooked together in kimchi-infused curry broth. It’s like a lamb stew, but better, and we loved how the meat soaked up all the goodness, while releasing flavors into the curry broth.


Don’t be intimidated by the word “curry,” Seoul Garden Hotpot adjusted the flavor to suit local taste buds by adding their secret kimchi paste. With that, everyone gets to enjoy this Korean-Asian mild-spicy broth regardless of their tolerance to spicy foods.

Not too much of a meat person? Korean Curry Seafood Hotpot might just be the right one for you. One would think stingy ingredients based on the price tag. Nope, you can definitely get big prawns, clams and even scallop in one pot. Price starts at RM19, how affordable does that sound to you foodies?


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We’re Not Quite Done With Seoul Garden Hotpot (Good Deals Included!)


Besides seafood and lamb, subtle choices such as the Korean Curry Chicken and Korean Curry Beef Hotpot are available in their menu too! Did we mention their beef and lamb cuts are all imported from the land of kangaroos, Australia?

Be it a quick lunch for one or feasting in a bunch, one can never go wrong at Seoul Garden Hotpot. Every hotpot includes a serving of vegetables and a side of rice. The Korean Curry Series starts from just RM19 (West Malaysia), your wallet is in good hands.

Coming in a large group and want something more for sharing? Korean Curry Lamb Hot Plate is the answer. Grilled lamb marinated in Korean Curry and warm, fluffy rice is the best pairing for a comfort meal.

Good news! With every purchase of TWO mains from the Korean Curry series, you get a Deep Fried Salmon belly (worth RM12.90) for FREE! Promotion is available while stocks last, so make your trip to the nearest Seoul Garden Hotpot ASAP.

Are you guys up for some Korean Curry now? We bet you foodies are drooling. Tag your buddies and let them know about Seoul Garden Hotpot’s latest menu. Don’t forget to update your feed and perhaps tag us just so we know we’ve spread some good vibes. Have a good day ahead and buh bye!


Seoul Garden Hotpot

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