Here Is The Full List Of Updated SOPs For The Fully-Vaccinated

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has announced that the government will be relaxing the MCO rules for those who are fully vaccinated. He also said that the new measures will come into effect on 10 August 2021 (Tuesday). He clarified that although the number of daily cases are still high, these measures will ensure that parts of the economy may begin to open as Malaysia’s vaccination rate continues to protect more individuals from severe COVID-19 symptoms.  


Malaysia Sops For The Fully-Vaccinated

According to the Prime Minister, individuals are only considered fully vaccinated if they fulfill the following criteria. 

1. They have completed two doses of vaccines

2. For those who received two dose vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZaneca, Sinovac),   14 days have passed after the second dose

3. For those who received single dose vaccines (Johnson & Johnson, CanSino), 28 days have passed after their one dose 

For individuals in all states throughout Malaysia who are fully vaccinated, they are allowed to:

1. Quarantine at home from overseas travel

Malaysian citizens and non-Malaysian citizens (PR, Malaysia Second Home visa) returning home, will no longer be required to quarantine in a hotel. Instead, they will be allowed to quarantine at home for the stipulated amount of time.

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2. Cross districts/states for long-distance spouses

Married couples in long-distance relationships may cross states or districts to visit their spouses. Travel permit letter from the PDRM is needed.

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3. Cross districts to visit children for fully vaccinated parents

Parents who are fully vaccinated  may cross states or districts to visit their children who are below 18 years of age. Travel permit letter from the PDRM is needed.

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4. Visit religious houses

Solat for Muslims and religious activities for non-muslims who are fully vaccinated will be allowed their respective religious houses. They will be required to verify their vaccination status by presenting their digital vaccination certificate to the relevant authorities at the religious house they are visiting.

Meanwhile, for full-vaccinated individuals who are currently residing in states under Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan, they will be allowed to:

1. Cross district

Fully vaccinated individuals Phase 2 states will be allowed to cross district. They will be required to present their digital vaccine certificate at inter-district roadblocks


2. Dine-in at restaurants

Fully vaccinated individuals Phase 2 states will be allowed to dine at restaurants within the state. They will be required to present their digital vaccine certificate to the restaurant owners in order to be allowed to dine-in. The Prime Minister urged individuals to pick restaurants with outdoor seating options or proper ventilation. He also encouraged restaurant owners to create more outdoor seating places, if possible. This is because infectivity rate has been proven to be lower in open-air spaces compared to closed spaces, he said.

3. Perform outdoor sports

Outdoor, non-contact and non-group physical activities will be allowed for fully vaccinated individuals in states under Phase 2. In his speech, the Prime Minister gave jogging, taichi, bike-riding, skateboarding, fishing, equestrian, archery, tennis (single), badminton (single), golf etc as examples of activities that will be allowed. 

4. Partake in domestic tourism within the state

Fully Vaccinated
Tourism Malaysia

Fully vaccinated individuals in states under Phase 2 will be allowed to partake in domestic tourism activities within their states. These activities include homestays, hotel stays etc. 


The current phase 3 state:

The current Phase 2 states:

The current Phase 1 states:


Before ending his announcement, the Prime Minister said that the government will not hesitate to tighten these restrictions once again if it’s found that the rakyat do not comply with the SOPs in place.

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