M’sian Iconic Uncle Roger Inspired This Stall In Sarawak Now Known As The “Haiyaa Breakfast”


Hello niece and nephew, if you clicked on this article then Uncle Roger should be one of your most favourite fussy uncle by now. The man is quite popular globally but Malaysians are especially fond of him as we find his opinions flat out relatable.

uncle roger haiyaa breakfast
Photo: @haiyaabreakfast (Facebook)

Breakfast Spot That Pays Tribute To Uncle Roger

The Haiyaa Breakfast is a breakfast stall inspired by the iconic Malaysian-UK YouTuber known as Uncle Roger. It is located in the heart of Sarawak. The comedian whose real name is Nigel Ng became a hit among locals and internationally after roasting a British chef’s method of cooking egg fried rice.

uncle roger haiyaa breakfast
Photo: @haiyaabreakfast (Facebook)

As you can see, the stall uses an illustration of Uncle Roger in his routine pose as their logo. To top it off, they even named their stall with Uncle Roger’s pet phrase, “Haiyaa”. It is an expression that viewers will usually hear from him when he is frustrated. This stall in Kuching features English style dishes and traditional local ones as well.

Cross Cultural Menu Choices

uncle roger haiyaa breakfast
Photo: @haiyaabreakfast (Facebook)

Here, you can have a jucier version of McDonald’s breakfast muffin. Meanwhile, if that doesn’t fit your bill then you can always go for their sweet “roti kahwin”. The stall did not clarify on what makes them want to use Uncle Roger as their inspiration but it could be due to their mixture of local and English food options.

Let’s Check Them Out!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we should definitely give them a visit. Haiya, the stall woud’ve been perfect if they serves egg fried rice but it is still an exciting news nevertheless.

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