Starbucks Malaysia Introduces Adorable ‘Year Of Rat’ Collectibles From Crystal Balls To Glass Cups

Hello, fellow foodies! It’s 2020 and in the Chinese culture, that means we are in the Year of the Rat. To celebrate this exciting festival, Starbucks Malaysia is introducing adorable rat-themed collectibles that just make you go “Aww”. From crystal balls that rain gold flakes to double-layer glass cup, it all screams cuteness. So let’s get started and see what’s in for this CNY.

Starbucks Malaysia Introduces Adorable ‘Year Of Rat’ Collectibles

1. Golden Rat Mug

A cute little mug for a cute person like you. Those two round ears that pop up at the top, can you resist the cuteness?

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

2. Double Layer Glass Cup

It’s a double-layered glass cup so that you won’t burn your hand when you’re making yourself a hot drink. And if you look carefully, there’s a cute rat peeking at you upside down.

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

3. Rat Barista Music Box

It’s a mini version of a Starbucks cafe on top of a musical box! Detailed until you can see its little paws, you know how delicate this little music box is.

Photo: @thevivacityshop (Instagram)

4. Rubber Rat Glass Bottle

A glass bottle instead of the typical plastic one. So now you can hot water in a lovely water bottle! And if you’re worried that you might break it. Don’t fret, because it’s got a turquoise rat cover to protect it.

Photo: @singaporebuying (Instagram)

5. Coffee-Drinking Rat Tumbler

Starbucks’s tumbler is nonetheless one of the best tumblers we can find. But now this red polka dot tumbler is taking cuteness overload to another level.

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

6. Family Gathering On The Mug

Three rats standing on the side of the mug, it’s like a little family reunion. But let us warn you, be careful not to poke your eyes when you drink.

Photo: @erimalaysia (Instagram)

7. Rat Wonderland Cold Cup

This reusable cold cup comes with a straw for you to enjoy your favourite cold beverage. Sprinkled with tiny star flakes, it’s a busy rat wonderland hidden in the cold cup.

Photo: @singaporebuying (Instagram)

8. Ratty Bank

Instead of a piggy bank, it’s a ratty bank. Looking like a usual Starbucks cup, this is actually a coin container to save up your money.

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

This time, we’ve got to admit that Starbucks has done the right job. And it’s because their ‘Year Of Rat’ collectibles is too cute and adorable to handle. Using colors like white, gold and CNY red, these merchandises are looking posh and classy at the same time.

Location: All Starbucks outlet in Malaysia

Cover Photo: @starbucksfjgv

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