Starbucks Introduces Ramadan Bazaar Inspired Drinks, Desserts And More


  • Starbucks Malaysia is introducing Ramadan Bazaar inspired drinks and more to celebrate Raya.
  • It features new drinks, cookies, Iftar set, Raya cups, sleeves and Aidilfitri 2020 Starbucks Card.

Hello, foodies! We know this year’s Ramadan is not the same when the Ramadan Bazaars remain closed and we can’t travel back to our hometown. While many of us have come to miss those festive days and foods, here’s something from Starbucks that could help you fix those cravings. Ready? This time around, Starbucks Malaysia introduces Ramadan Bazaar inspired drinks, cookies, cups, Iftar combos and more!

Starbucks Malaysia Reimagines Raya With Ramadan Bazaar Inspired Drinks, Desserts And More

When it comes to Ramadan Bazaars, drinks are definitely not to be missed. Perfect to kick off the heat, Starbucks is introducing its new Caramel Sweet Corn Frappucino. Inspired by the popular ‘Air Jagung’, this is a creamy corn drink that is topped with green tea whipped cream and caramel sauce! Along with this, Starbucks will be releasing Chewy Kurma Cookies too. With hints of cinnamon, it’s a perfect treat to deliver to your close family too.

To make this year’s celebration more special, Starbucks is rolling out an Iftar Together Combo Set too. Featuring two Grande-sized handcrafted beverages and one slice of cake, the best part is that it’s only RM29.90! Furthermore, Starbucks is releasing Raya Cups and matching Cup Sleeves and Aidilfitri 2020 Starbucks Card to satisfy all Starbucks collectors too! 

Get These Sweet Treats Delivered To Your Close Family!

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Just yesterday, our government had made an important piece of news to extend CMCO for another month. While this means that we have to delay our family gatherings and Ramadan Bazaars. Starbucks Malaysia is bringing those festive vibes to you through their new drinks, desserts and more! Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda, you’re just a few clicks away from enjoying these special Starbucks products!

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