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Sushi King Is Selling California Temaki At Only RM1.40 On Shopee

Till 15 December 2019.

In its quest to stay relevant and be accessible to all Malaysians across the country, Sushi King expanded its reach in the digital realm by launching its Official Store on Shopee in conjunction with the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale. To kick off its e-commerce initiative, Sushi King will be offering Shopee users its signature California Temaki at only RM1.40 from now till 15 December 2019. Over time, Sushi King will extend its menu to provide Shopee users with not only a wide selection of sushi but even more value for their Ringgit.


Users can also redeem a Purple Plate at 600 Shopee coins, and even lesser on 12 December. On top of that, they can put their Sushi King knowledge to the test when they play Shopee Quiz on 13 December at 12pm, and stand to win more Shopee coins to redeem more Purple Plates!

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Rolling Out Sustainable Plans to Spread the Love for Sushi

The largest Japanese kaiten (conveyor belt) concept chain of restaurants in Malaysia, Sushi King was the first sushi brand in the country to conduct two-hour sushi making classes for children and adults. It is part of the brand’s initiatives to engage with sushi lovers. Following the success of these classes, other sushi brands followed suit to recreate the fun sushi making experience.

The aim of the classes is to cultivate healthy eating habits and encourage the exploration of Japanese culture through its cuisine, whilst giving participants first-hand experience on how to make sushi.

Conducted by sushi experts, participants will be guided step-by-step on how to make Gunkan, Nigiri, Temaki and Maki, the most common types of sushi. While the classes are perfect for children to hone their creative side and learn new kitchen skills, these classes also serve as a perfect team building activity for adults. The Sushi Making Classes are priced from RM26.50 per pax for children and from RM31.80 for adults, with a certificate and lunch provided.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

To make their sushi more accessible and reward its customers, the chain also introduced the Sushi King MY App, which went on to build a community of sushi lovers and Sushi King fans. Diners can accumulate ‘Smile Points’ which translate into savings when they convert the points into Ringgits to offset future bills, in addition to a long list of benefits. These include the ‘Travel with Smiles Reward’ where the top spender will win a 5 Days 4 Nights trip to Tokyo and a Disneyland Day Pass for two worth RM15,000, with birthday and surprise rewards throughout the year. To-date, Sushi King has over 550,000 members.

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