Take A Peek Into The “Zero To Hero” Journey Of Popular Malaysian TikTok Creators Today

TikTok came at the right moment when the world started to fall into the pandemic. People were losing their jobs left and right and locked in their own houses alone. But thanks to the powerful TikTok Community, we survived with better aspirations than before. Almost everyone is now open to exploring and accepting each other’s talents and knowledge.


Get Inspired By Malaysia TikTok Creators That Took A Step Up When The World Was In Dismay

Featuring TikTok Creators of various backgrounds and talents, today we will be looking at the “zero to hero” stories of top Malaysian TikTok Creators. Be inspired by their journeys and how they make the best out of a bad situation. Let’s look at how these amazing individuals found their purpose and be the best at what they do.

1. Anissa Jailani – Inspiration to All

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Creator – anissajailani_Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

Anissa is a strong-willed, deaf individual who has a positive mindset. Even with her disabilities, it didn’t stop her from teaching TikTok community how to learn sign language. Using live streaming and short videos, her unique content has touched the hearts of many as she gained 510k followers. Thanks to her, more and more people are interested to pick up this special language. Especially since she actively interacts with her viewers all the time.

With TikTok as her teaching platform, she aims to continue raising awareness of Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia in the community

Check her out:

2. Fatia – TikTok’s First Global Artist

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Global Artist – thisisfatia 😍 Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

The musical-loving, young singer was discovered by TikTok through her dynamic yet sweet voice. She is known for creating compelling ‘duet’ videos. Organically building her following through her ‘duets’, this powerful woman has gained 30k followers on TikTok. She seems to have found a sweet spot sharing her talents with the world, nicely tucked in her bedroom donning a black headscarf as her look.


Her passion for singing started at a young age, inspired by her father’s cool music selection and influences. She dabbles a little on the piano and guitar and loves litigation as she is also a promising, young law student. The juxtaposition of her gifted musicality and her tenacity in law definitely makes Fatia a force to be reckoned with.

Check her out:


3. Eatwkriss – Vegan Recipe Specialist

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Creator – eatwkriss 🤩 Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

This young but talented chef has gained her mass followers at the age of 17. Her incredible skill of turning various recipes into a vegan-friendly option has gained her 459k followers in a few months since she has started her TikTok account in Oct 2020. Making it easier for people to follow through and replicate her recipes at home.


Additionally, most of her recipes are out of this world and creative! Among her recipe videos that went massively popular on TikTok are vegan hot chocolate, vegan wat tan hor, and even vegan Hokkien mee! She even shared with her fans how to make Vegan Ayam Goreng Kunyit and Vegan Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)?? How is that even possible?

Check her out:

4. Mathan Edward – Malaysian Dishes Expert

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Creator – mathanedward 😉 Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

Mathan Edward started sharing his culinary skills on TikTok since 2020. Featuring Malay, Chinese, and Indian recipes in the videos, he has gathered 233k followers as of today. Thanks to his laid-back and easy cooking lessons, his videos unite people from all races in Malaysia. This talented chef was even featured in various media for it!

Check him out:

5. Dr. Samhan – Medical Myths Debunker

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Creator – dr.samhan 😎 Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

A doctor who is passionate about sharing medical knowledge with the public. Dr. Samhan decided to start a TikTok account to impart knowledge with us and he is not planning to stop. Sharing content relates to medical myths or taboo topics, his informative yet light approach makes it easier for the public to understand. So it is no surprise that he had gathered 1.2m followers on TikTok

Although he can get busy with daily clinic routines, he continues to consistently share and upload 2-3 videos a day. During the pandemic times, where there were huge concerns on vaccines & covid diseases, he uses the platform creatively to share easy-to-digest, byte-sized content that helps to debunk fake news, myths & encourages followers to get vaccinated.

Check him out:

6. Alex – Flows With The Groove

@tiktok_malaysia TikTok Creator – AlexShare your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

Influenced by his dance students, Alex started downloading TikTok out of curiosity. Turns out TikTok is a great platform to keep him entertained and distracted. At one point, he decided to give himself a “task” to make a TikTok schedule for the next 100 days for the entire lockdown period. Little did he know, his consistent uploads later gained him his first 1 million followers that year! TikTok as a platform gave him a voice, a platform to represent himself, his creative visions, goals.

In the past, he felt that he was often contained in a tight space and did not have an outlet to express himself or be himself. His content started off as dance videos, but later he discovered & mastered the skills of transition and transformation videos, sometimes sharing content about his daily lives, and now basically he lives a second life on TikTok. He personally really loves the engagement coming from the followers and he tries to reply to them whenever he can. Keeping a close-knit relationship with his 5mil followers.

Check him out:

7. Afiq – Born To Entertain

@tiktok_malaysia Tiktok Creator – itsafiqhakim Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

The Malaysian version of “The Rock”. Afiq started making video content (Movie trailer parodies, commercial parodies) when he was 15 years old (He is 24 now) and started to post his 1st video on YouTube. It didn’t take off then, and he started to explore all available social and entertainment apps available such as Vines, IG, and Dubsmash.

When Afiq discovered TikTok in 2019, he begins exploring. And although he didn’t think much back then, it had changed his life ever since. It all started when Afiq hopped onto the ‘My Mom Met My Dad’ trend. In the post, he was lip-syncing to ‘This Is My Family’ audio by STEEERLING, while depicting Shaheizy Sam and Dwayne Johnson as his celebrity parent-lookalikes. Honestly, the resemblance is uncanny! 

His content is mainly tapping on trending videos and adding his own doses of creativity. Give it a more comedic approach that will make your day. He sees TikTok as a platform for him to express his creativity and authentic self. All the while making his 1.3mil followers smile. Afiq is very active on TikTok, posting at least 3 videos a day

Check him out:

It Is Time To #FYP – #FindYourPurpose

Every TikTok creators mentioned here have gone through a tremendous journey to be where they are today. Roman wasn’t built in a day and so does fame. To find your purpose, you have to take the first step and explore the impossible.

@tiktok_malaysia Time to #FindYourPurpose Watch how these creators did it. Share your passion with #FindYourPurpose o ♬ original sound – TikTok Malaysia

Now that you know their stories, it’s time for you to share yours. Use the #FindYourPurpose effect and share your stories and passion with the world.

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