Tealive Malaysia Rolls Out New Bottled Milk Tea So You Can Enjoy It Any Time At Home

Hello, our dearest foodies! Do we have any bubble tea lovers here? If you are indeed nodding your head, then you’ll be excited to know that Tealive rolling out a new product! Rather than a new flavour or topping, Tealive is now introducing new bottled milk tea! Just like how you would buy and store fresh milk, just pour out a decent amount of milk tea whenever you like. Without further ado, let’s see what flavours they’ve got.


Tealive Malaysia Is Rolling Out New Bottled Milk Tea

Photo: Tealive (Official) 

While the CMCO still going on and businesses are gradually opening up for the dine-in experience, it seems like the bubble tea is just getting better. Despite the various bubble tea shops popping up with new promotions and flavours, Tealive is offering something better. Just a few hours ago, Tealive has released their new bottle milk tea in 2 different flavours!

Photo: Tealive (Official)

With 2 flavour options, Tealive’s Just-Pour-It Milk Tea is available in its Signature Milk Tea and Superior Coco. The best part is, there is no preservative and it’s freshly-prepared daily! Other than that, you also get your favourite toppings like pearls, grass jelly, pudding or ready-to-eat oats in a separate jar too! Available in two sets, you can get a regular set that comes with 3 bottles and 3 toppings (RM55) or a jumbo set with 6 bottles and 8 toppings (RM95).

Get These Bottled Milk Tea Delivered To Your Doorstep

Photo: Tealive (Official)

Amazing right? Just like a bottle of milk, these bottle milk teas are advised to be consumed within 5 days. And for the toppings like pearl, it’s actually only 1 day. Ticking the boxes for freshness and easy delivery, you know this is something not to miss! So if you’re interested to buy, just head to Tealive’s website for delivery! Oh, here’s one thing to take note. They’re only delivering to Klang Valley!

Delivery: Tealive Official Website

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Cover Photo: @tealive_raub (Instagram)


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