This Murtabak Stall In KL Serves Samyang Murtabak And You’ll Love It

Murtabak, but with an "a" for quality.

A fan of pancakes? No, not the western kind. We’re talking about the asian kind. Murtabak (known as martabak in Indonesia) is a rather common street food found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. As locals in Malaysia, it is also a favourite in mamak stalls nationwide. However, the martabak manis and martabak telor we’re going to talk about today from Tetangga Kita are far above and beyond other martabaks. This Murtabak In Sri Hartamas Will Have You Bak For Mur.


This Murtabak In Sri Hartamas Will Have You Bak For Mur

by @ tetanggakita (Instagram)

The Store

Located in Hartamas Shopping Centre, Tetangga Kita is a stall located in the middle of the walkway on the 2nd floor. They offer quite a number of different martabak – both manis and savoury, as well as both thick and thin variants. Without originally intending to write an article on Tetangga Kita, they had us captivated with just the first bite that it feels sinful to not give this place an honorary mention!

by @ Tetangga Kita (Facebook)

They serve martabak at a price range of anything between RM10 to RM28. As much as it might seem slightly hefty on your wallet, trust us when we say their portion is so humongous yet unbelievably delicious that it’s worth every penny — one order of Martabak Samyang (Martabak with Korean Ramen as one of its contents), say, is more than enough for two to walk back to their car with a smile plastered across their faces.

by @ tetanggakita (Instagram)

The Experience

We had a go at a rather large number of their martabaks — Nutella Cheese Peanut, Red Velvet Oreo, Samyang, and many more. With this, we can give you the KL Foodie Promise *T&C applies that this store will satisfy you if you like Malaysian apam balik, murtabak, and the likes. For example, Samyang was oh so savoury, making a perfect blend between martabak and ramen! The Red Velvet Oreo is not to be overlooked, either. The taste of vanilla, condensed milk, and oreo cookies swirl in your mouth, all the while being reminded of the sweetness of the pancake itself.

Seriously, they had me personally promising myself “this is the last piece”. Before I knew it, I was holding a third piece after that so-called last piece.

by @ tetanggakita (Instagram)

4-Page Summary?

Unlike the reference, this will NOT be a mischaracterisation. You wouldn’t need a summary if you were reading the rest of the article, for we have clearly expressed our unexpectedly found love for the food atTetangga Kita. There’s a difference between good and great. This? This hits that mark of excellence. Do give it a try, and share this prospect of joyous eating with your friends! Once you do, make sure you let us know in the comments what our thoughts are, too!

by @ Tetangga Kita (Facebook)

Status: Muslim-friendly
Address: Hartamas Shopping Centre, Level 2, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 
10am— 9pm daily

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