BIG DEALS Coming Thru With Texas Chicken NEW Buttermilk Rice Bowl & More From RM4.90!

Hi Foodies! Another day, another ‘BIG DEALS‘! Oops, did we just spill the beans? Well, since it’s out – Texas Chicken’s BIG DEALS is back with mouth-watering food choices and even a NEW menu! Spicy, smoky, savoury – you name it, they have it from RM4.90 only! So exciting! Come, let us fill you in on it.

Western Flavours Or Asian Delights, Texas Chicken BIG DEALS Have Them!

Texas Chicken Big Deals

As soon as we heard the news, we made our way to try all the menus they offer and guess what? No regrets! There are rice bowls and flatbread that cost as low as RM6.90 only – such hearty bowls of deliciousness that are super satisfying! Oh, and their mash bowl is only RM4.90 – super yummy!

Texas Chicken Big Deals

So, are you ready for this? Warning! The visuals are no joke, they look as good as they taste – you might get really hungry and foodies can’t miss out on this. So, let’s review these flavourful meals one by one!

#1 Buttermilk Rice Bowl (NEW)

Texas Chicken Big Deals

If your type of comfort food is all about the delightful savoury and creaminess – then this is it! Say hello to the NEW Buttermilk Rice Bowl (RM6.90).

With fragrant flavoured Rice that will whet your appetite, in addition to crunchy chicken tenders drizzled with creamy buttermilk sauce and a sprinkle of spring onion to top off everything – this rice bowl is just perfection!

#2 Spicy Korean Rice Bowl

Texas Chicken Big Deals

No introduction is needed for this highly addictive bowl of chopped, crunchy chicken tenders drizzled with Ramyeon sauce! Layered with diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce to pair with fluffy, fragrant rice and sesame seeds – it’s definitely a Korean-style indulgence we must say. If there’s another big deal, it’s definitely this Spicy Korean Rice Bowl (RM6.90).

#3 Spicy Korean Mash Bowl

Texas Chicken Big Deals

Every bite has never been so fiery and flavourful! Why? With a mouthful of mash and juicy chopped chicken tenders drizzled with tantalising Ramyeon sauce and mayonnaise – why wouldn’t it be?

Seriously, just a sprinkle of sesame seeds really elevates this Spicy Korean Mash Bowl (RM4.90)!

#4 Smoky BBQ Flatbread

Texas Chicken Big Deals

This pliable goodness comes with a piece of juicy tender, gooey melted cheese, freshly chopped lettuce, and diced tomatoes slathered in smoky BBQ sauce. Wrapped with fluffy flatbread, the flavourful burst of this Smoky BBQ Flatbread (RM6.90) will definitely leave you salivating!

The Real Big Deals Are Back In Town

Texas Chicken Big Deals

Now you know, Texas Chicken BIG DEALS is a really big deal okay! For such affordable food to taste like that – we can’t help but go for one bite after another! If you haven’t tried any of the BIG DEALS, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to the nearest Texas Chicken outlet now and taste them yourself. Bon Appétit, Foodies!

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