Texas Chicken Releases New Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger For A Limited Time Only

Hi Foodies! I’m sure we all agree that ramyeon is one of the best Korean comfort foods, but have you heard about a plant-based ramyeon burger? If you’re just as curious as we are, the all-new Texas Chicken Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger is something you do not want to miss!

Texas Chicken’s New Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger

plant-based ramyeon burger

plant-based ramyeon burger

Once again, Texas Chicken is levelling up their burger game with this all new burger combo! Combining two of our favourite foods – ramyeon and burger, the Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger brings the best of both worlds for food lovers.

plant-based ramyeon burger

So, what is in the Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger? It is perfectly curated using seeded buns, coleslaw, tomato, tortilla chips, cheese, plant-based patty and of course, spicy ramyeon sauce! This adds a flavourful twist of spicy and hot ramyeon into our all-time favourite plant-based burgers.

Moreover, the tortilla chips add a crunch when you bite into the burger. It leaves your mind blown with texture and taste as you sink your teeth into each bite!

plant-based ramyeon burger

Don’t miss out on Texas Chicken’s crispy Plant-Based Tenders & Plant-Based Spicy Nuggets too! Dip it in their signature sauces: Ranch Sauce, Creamy Jalapeño Sauce, Honey BBQ Sauce or Honey Mustard Sauce for an extra burst of flavour and yumminess. Foodies, you have to trust us when we say that these go so well with the new Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger!

Plant-Based Patties Made With Textured Vegetable Protein

plant-based ramyeon burger

If you’re pondering on the making process of these plant-based patties, we have the answer for you! The patties contain textured vegetable protein, which is blended with seasoning. Then, the chef forms the blended protein into its specific patty shape. The patties have a light brown appearance with specks of black pepper that contributes to its peppery flavour.

However, please take note that the plant-based burger is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This is because the patty is fried in the same oil as their bestselling fried chicken.

plant-based ramyeon burger

Enjoy For A Limited-Time Only!

We personally love their plant-based menu items, and this new Plant-Based Ramyeon Burger is one of the best! We all agree that it’s delicious, even for some of us who are hardcore meat lovers. Oh and remember that this menu is available for a limited-time only, so get your hands on it quickly at your nearest Texas Chicken outlet!

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