This Online Store Has Creative Food Pun Tote Bags Such As “Louis Wonton”, “Saint Croissant” & “Tom Food”

Have you ever stepped into a luxury brand store before? All the stores will be beautifully designed with attentive floor staff. It is definitely an experience to purchase an item from these shelves. Of course, these items come with an unforgettable price tag. Well, here’s another alternative. We have found an online store that sells creative food pun tote bags. “Louis Wonton”, anyone?

“Lactose”, “Blueberry”, “Givencheese”, and so many more!

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

The Cool Hunter has curated creative tote bags complete with food puns influenced by high-end brands such as Lacoste, Burberry, and Givenchy. All these rectangular tote bags come in a simple rectangle shape, complete with black straps. Of course, the most notable part of these bags are the names, and designs that beautifully match the name. Unfortunately, these bags are priced at USD 55 each.

Check out the punny names!

1. Saint Croissant

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Saint Laurent.

2. Hummus

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Hermès.

3. Egg-White

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Off-White.

4. Lactose Intolerant

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Lacoste.

5. Blueberry

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Burberry.

6. Bvgarlic

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Bulgari.

7. Tom Food

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Tom Ford.

8. Jimmy Chew

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Jimmy Choo.

9. Versalad

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Versace.

10. Givencheese Paree

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

From Givenchy.

What’s your favourite bag?

Photo: The Cool Hunter (Website)

Without a doubt, these bags are really cute. It will definitely tickle the funny bones of many foodies. If you are interested to check out more of these interesting bags, you can click right here to head down to The Cool Hunter. It appears that these bags are sold as market bags. Will you be bringing a bag with the price tag of USD 55 to Tesco, Jaya Grocer, or Cold Storage? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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