The First Starbucks Reserve Drive-thru in Malaysia is Now Brewing at Setia Alam

Just reach out your hand from the window!

Some may have heard of Starbuck’s Reserve™ bar, but many may not. Stocked with caches of only the best, most selective coffee beans, only “Coffee Masters” certified by Starbucks are allowed to brew behind the Reserve™ bar. Before this, one could only procure such delicacies if they were willing to dine-in. Now, however, with the First Starbucks Reserve™ & Drive-Thru Available In Setia Alam, one can enjoy their premium coffee just by winding down their window!


Our Run-Through Of The Drive-Thru

by @ StarbucksMalaysia (Facebook)

Upon looking through the drive-thru window, one may expect to see a main bar that serves Starbucks core offerings as well as a Reserve™ coffee bar which offers seven brewing methods, including pour-over, Chemex®, coffee press, siphon, Black Eagle espresso, Clover® and nitro cold brewing. Coffee-lovers will now not only be able to enjoy a unique menu of Starbucks Reserve™ specialty coffee and beans, but now have it on the go as well!

What Exactly Is A Starbucks Reserve Bar?

The team at Setia Alam’s Starbucks Reserve™ Drive-Thru

With outlets featuring Reserve™ bars in premium malls such as SkyAvenue and The Gardens Mall, they acquire beans that are sourced from the rarest, most extraordinary coffees farms around the world. To put it simply, they grow unique coffee beans in lowly quantified amounts and serve it to those who’re willing to pay the price of their luxury. Customers in Setia Alam’s outlet (10th Starbuck’s Reserve™) will be able to enjoy these unique Reserve™ beans from places such as the Guatemala La Colina Farm which processes fresh cherry-to-bean in the southern Guatemalan region.

With murals designed by The Sliz’s

A Little Freebie That May Interest You…

One will get a complimentary Starbucks Reserve Non Slip Mat with minimum spending of RM50 in single receipt! Hurry though — its only available while stocks last!

Designed For Driving Pleasure (Sorry BMW, I had to)

Yeah, BMW has an existing tagline that’s perfect for this new outlet’s unique selling point. If only Starbucks had a tagline that I could spin some satire out of…

In all seriousness, share your experience at this new Setia Alam outlet with us! What did you order? How did it taste like? Don’t forget to share it all with your friends, too!

Operating Hours: 8am— 12am (Sundays through Thursdays). 8am— 1am (Fridays & Saturdays)
Lot No 4, Persiaran Setia Impian, Bandar Setia Alam, Seksyen U 13, 40170, Shah Alam, Selangor

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