Malaysian Shares 7 Reasons Why MySejahtera App Is Useful & Important When Travelling Abroad

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Hello Foodies, hope you are keeping safe. MySejahtera has become an essential for Malaysians everywhere we go. However, there were some comments saying that the MySejahtera app is only useful in Malaysia and it cannot be used outside of the country. A Malaysian netizen proved the statement wrong by sharing his experience on using the MySejahtera app when he travels abroad. 


7 Facts That Prove The Importance Of MySejahtera App When Going Abroad

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1) At The KLIA International Airport

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The ground staff at the KLIA International Airport will first ask if you have completed both doses of the vaccination. You must show the vaccination certificate on your mobile MySejahtera app together with the PCR screening result within 48 hours. The paper certificates are not accepted.

2) At The Passport Inspection Clearance Office

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Officers at the passport control and customs clearance office will again need you to show your mobile MySejahtera app and the PCR certificate for screening within 48 hours. You must
present these document and scan the QR code to pass the customs!

3) Arriving At The Dubai Airport

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After arriving at the Dubai Airport, leading to the transit junction the ground staff will double check the two doses of vaccination e-certificate and your QR code. You will be released after confirming on the type of vaccine being inoculated.

4) Before Boarding Gate

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The flight attendants at the boarding gate will once again check your mobile MySejahtera app to verified the vaccination e-certificate and the PCR certificate for screening within 48 hours.

5) Arriving At Locarno, Switzerland

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When the netizen arrived at Lucano, the film festival staff took him to the service center to register. He first showed his mobile MySejahtera vaccination e-certificate followed by the PCR screening certificate. Visitors who received two doses of vaccine are not required to self-isolate. However, they to wear a designated “Leopard Print Bracelet”.
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Local indoor venues, such as hotels, supermarkets, and movie theaters require Swiss nationals to show their own mobile tracking system, while foreigners need to show their “leopard print bracelet” to enter the venue.

6) Zurich Airport

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There was a Malaysian citizen who lost his phone and tried to show his printed vaccination certificate but the ground staff did not accept it at all.

7) Request To Show The MySejahtera App

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Every procedure from boarding, transferring, returning to the country, screening test to entering the hotel for isolation your MySejahtera app must also be present.

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