The Manhattan FISH MARKET Has NEW ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket That Comes With A Whole Lobster

Craving for a whole seafood platter to share with friends and family? The Manhattan FISH MARKET has rolled out an all NEW set that’s perfect for you! Introducing the ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket that can feed up to 4 people and there’s a savoury new flavour that’s coming real soon too. Scroll down to find out more!


A Seafood Feast Like No Other With The ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket

The greatest things are best when shared with loved ones. There’s nothing better than sharing the ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket by The Manhattan FISH MARKET! Now you can get the fried seafood bucket, or wait for the poached one to drop in a few weeks time.


ROCKIN’ Fried Seafood Bucket

The ultimate seafood platter has landed in The Manhattan FISH MARKET and we’re all for it! Now you can get the ROCKIN’ Fried Seafood Bucket that has a total of 7 different types of seafood that are fried to golden perfection. The platter starts at RM99 for up to 4 pax! Or choose a cheese-filled whole lobster that’s flamed on the spot for RM249 at dine-in.

The ROCKIN’ Fried Seafood Bucket comes with all our favourite seafood such as oyster, mussels, dory fillet, calamari (squid), prawn and more. All of which are placed on a bed of hand-cut chips and fries. Don’t forget to pair it with 3 unique sauces – Garlic herb, Cajun honey mustard and Peri-peri for that tangy, spicy and savoury kick of flavour.


ROCKIN’ Poached Seafood Bucket

Hold up! There’s more to come! Besides the Fried Seafood Bucket, a brand new Poached Seafood Bucket will be landing on 22 November 2021. This time round, you’ll find a plethora of seafood cooked in a unique spicy blend of paprika, cayenne, garlic and other spices for that flavourful bite. The Poached Seafood Bucket will even come with tons of veggies and corn cob for extra sweetness.


The ROCKIN’ Poached Seafood Bucket starts at RM109 for 8 different types of seafood that can serve up to 4 pax. Or you can choose to level up your seafood feast with a perfectly poached whole lobster for RM259 at dine-in. Other than that, you can also complete your bucket with recommended pairings such as Butter Shrimp Rice, Mashed Potato and more.


Jom! It’s Time For Some ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket

Call up all your seafood-loving buddies and it’s time to plan a date here. If indulging in one type of seafood is not enough then this ROCKIN’ Seafood Bucket is just for you! Also, attention to all Kota Bharu folks! Now you get to enjoy a scrumptious seafood feast at Kelantan’s FIRST Manhattan FISH MARKET outlet in AEON Mall Kota Bharu. Enjoy, foodies!

Also available for delivery via GrabFood, foodpanda, DeliverEat’, Shopee Food and Contactless Ordering.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET

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