This Shop In PJ Sells RM1 Durian Ice Cream & RM5 For Musang King Ice Cream

Yeah, we didn't believe it either.

It’s not easy at all to find cheap durian desserts around KL. On top of being so high in demand, durian is also considered to be a savoury flavour. Anything with the word “durian” in stores cost almost 30% more than their original counterparts. For durian lovers, that’s daylight robbery! With durian season around the corner once again, we started a hunt for food that had this famous golden nectar interlaced in its flavours. Not only is this Authentic Durian Ice Cream For Only A Ringgit In Damansara Uptown good, but it is dirt cheap!


Authentic Durian Ice Cream For Only A Ringgit In Damansara Uptown?!

by Aaron Chin

The Store

Fruits Farm In The City, located in Damansara Uptown, sells fresh, non-GMO, and clean produce that are mostly grown in their own farm, and are otherwise taken from trusted sources. That’s right, this little store sells produce from their own farm! They also sell a rather large variety of surprisingly affordable fresh produce, both whole and cut, as well as an array of rejuvenating fruit juice bottled right there and then!

by Aaron Chin

Of course, we’re here today to feature none other than their durian ice cream. Gotta say, we were hot and sweaty by the time we walked into the store, and a durian ice cream was exactly what we needed (as well as what we came for lol). We were greeted with a choice of three durian ice cream flavours – RM1 for their Original Kampong Durian, RM3 for a mix between their Kampong Durian and Musang King, and RM5 for their Musang King.

by Aaron Chin

The Taste

We got ourselves a Musang King ice cream. Haven’t had the chance to try it? Let us describe it to you. Their ice cream is delicately smooth yet slightly textured, and the taste of their Musang King pops with clarity with each lick, making every lap just as good as the last. When in your mouth, the ice cream melts effortlessly, and with a sigh of satisfaction, you feel the icy cold aroma of Musang King pass out through your nose before entering the warm humid air of the environment.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention – there’s a waffle cone too that holds the ice cream.

by @ kathytsc (Instagram)

The Ins-and-Outs

We had a chit chat with their storekeeper about what went into this amazingly delicious yet surprisingly cheap ice cream. They told us it was made with only three ingredients: ice cream powder, durian flesh, and honey! It’s all homemade from their own durian flesh, too! The storekeeper also unveiled that their durian ice cream has actually been available since the opening of their store back in 11th of November 2018.

Worth it?

Duh. It’s impossibly cheap for what it is, let alone the quality of it. What’s more? Durian season is coming, which means their ice cream is just gonna get even thicker, sweeter, and richer! Definitely worth a grab and go if you do drop by Damansara Uptown. Durian runtuh, as some might call our discovery. HA!  It’s meant to be bad. Make sure to let your friends know of this with a like and/or share, as well as comment to let us know your thoughts!

Status: Vegetarian
Address: 104- G & M, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 8am– 12am (Monday through Saturday), 9am– 11pm (Sunday), 10am– 12am (Public Holidays)

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