This Rustic Cafe In Kuantan, Pahang Serves Unique Upside-Down Coffee That Defies Gravity

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Hello, foodies! In a blink of an eye, we are already nearing the end of the year. Other countries are fully immersed in cooler weather, but the Malaysian sun and tropical weather see no changes. If you’re like us, who is constantly on the run to find some refreshing beverages, then you’re in luck. That’s because Kopi & Teh cafe in Kuantan has just the perfect drink to cool you down!


This Cafe In Kuantan Serves Unique Upside Down Coffee

Photo: @syrfinasabri (Instagram)

Kuantan is the capital of the lovely state of Pahang. Known for its activities and attractions, the city is most recognised for its waterfalls. But apart from all those natural beauties, today we’re back to introduce a unique cafe in Kuantan. Offering a range of mains and toasts, it’s their Kopi Terbalik that draws the attention of many people.

Photo: (Instagram)
Photo: (Instagram)

Search Kopi Terbalik online and you’ll spot Kopi & Teh right away. Kopi Terbalik or literally ‘upside-down coffee’ is a unique drink. Not because of its taste, it’s special due to its quirky serving style. Deliberately served upside-down on a small plate, make sure your straw points towards the small plate and not the top! Simply sip up the coffee as it slowly drains out of the glass.

Will You Be Trying Kopi & Teh Soon?

Photo: (Instagram)

Ready for more cafe-hopping? Serving all kinds of local coffee, tea, desserts and mains, you definitely won’t regret going there! Perfect for a slow afternoon break to talk over a cup of coffee, are you already excited for this? Let us know what you think in the comment box below and see you in the next post!

Address: 52 Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Malaysia.

Operating Hours: 8AM – 11PM (Closed on Tuesday)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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