This Virtual Run Lets You Help The Endangered Sun Bear In Sabah

The Second Rarest Bear Species In The World

Hello, foodies! This article will be slightly different today but don’t leave yet! How many of you have heard of the Sun Bear? If you have, you would know how interesting of a species they are. If you have not then keep reading on as there are some facts that may interest you. Moreover, we will also be talking about the Sun Bear Virtual Run. Unfortunately, this article will not be about food but we promise you that it’s almost as interesting so stick around!

Photo: @bsbcc (Instagram)

Fascinating And Fun Facts About The Sun Bear

Photo: BSBCC (Website)

Did you know that the Sun Bear is the second rarest bear species in the world? If you’re wondering what is the rarest bear, it is the giant panda. Besides that, the sun bear is also the smallest bear compared to all the other bears. The height of the bear is between 120cm to 150cm (the editor is 148cm, so the bear that is 150cm is just a little taller than the editor *gasp*) and it weighs between 20kg to 70kg.

The Sun Bear name comes from the pale horseshoe shape on their chests which looks like the setting or rising sun. However, no two bears have the same marking. The scientific name for the Sun Bear is Helarctos Malayanus. Moreover, the Sun Bear has an extremely long tongue which is between 20cm to 25cm. In case you’re wondering, why do they need such a long tongue? Well, the Sun Bear is also known as the ‘honey bear’ which means the long tongue helps them get honey from beehives.

Photo: @bsbcc (Instagram)

You must be wondering, why are we bringing up awareness about this Sun Bear? It’s because the status of these bears is vulnerable due to commercial hunting, pet trade, and habitat loss. They play an important role in nature because they help ensure the health of the forest by dispersing seeds, keep termite populations down, and help the tropical tree species. The Sun Bear is also some sort of builder in the forest by creating nesting sites for animals such as hornbills and flying squirrels. The best thing is the Sun Bear is the only bear in South East Asia.

Besides that, unlike other bears, the Sun Bear does not hibernate but they build nests in trees to sleep in. Their diet consists of invertebrates, fruit, and honey which makes them omnivores.

Photo: @bsbcc (Instagram)

A Fun Virtual Run That You Can Participate

Photo: @bsbcc (Instagram)

As we know, the pandemic has affected everyone and this also includes the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation (BSBCC). This virtual run is to help sustain the rehabilitation center as there are fewer visitors during these tough times. With this virtual run, it also allows you to have fun with your friends and family, stay healthy while also saving these vulnerable species.

The Editor Has Decided To Join This Sun Bear Virtual Run And Here’s How It Went Down

Sunbear Virtual Run Penang

Some of you may be wondering how a virtual run works well, it’s not as difficult as you think it is. To participate in this virtual run, all you have to do it sign up then pay for the registration fees. The maximum number of people per group is five (5) pax. After that, you will receive your E-bib in your email that you’ve provided that you may pin to your clothes before running.

Sunbear Virtual Run Penang

Before running, you may need to download a running app if you’re running outdoor to keep track of the distance and also to submit it as a result to an email provided once you’re done running. Once you’re all set, you may start running anywhere as long as it is 5km. However, if you’re running on a treadmill, you may take a picture of the run from your treadmill as the result.

Sunbear Virtual Run Penang

When the run has been completed, you will receive your e-certificate in your email then the finisher t-shirt and medal will be sent to your address.

Photo credit: BSBCC (Website)

Will you be joining this virtual run? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to this virtual run!

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