Thornless Durians (Or, Is It Just “An”?) Is Now A Thing After 12 Years Of Experiment In Indonesia

Greetings! As Malaysians, we know and love durians, and the heavenly season is just around the corner. That’s right, the creamy and aromatic (pungent, to some) fruit will be ours to feast! One of the trickiest parts of eating durians is none other than opening it. With all the thorns on every part of the surface, it is clearly not an easy task. Well, what if thornless durians exist? That would be a game-changer, for sure.


Or, Is It Just “An”?

Photo: Mongabay (Website)
Photo: Mongabay (Facebook)

First reported by Mashable South East Asia, Mongabay Indonesia, stated that they have finally managed to grow durians without thorns after experimenting for more than a decade. To be precise, it took 12 years to grow. Usually, durians can be recognised with its green shell with thorns all over. Now, the new fruit appears to be smooth, almost like a melon.

Photo: Mongabay (Website)

Apart from the change of exterior, the report stated that the new type of durian has a thinner shell, and the fruit itself is much sweeter. Well, how did this experiment started? It kicked off in 2007 at Trenggaluh Village near Mount Rinjani. Initially, the owner of the durian tree thought that the fruit itself was poisonous until they took the very first bite. It tasted like a normal durian, and the rest is history.

Named as Durian Gundul

Photo: Mongabay (Website)

Officially named as Durian Gundul, more than 23,000 seedlings were managed to be cultivated by the agricultural team to create more variations. However, this is not the first time thornless durians were grown. Back in the 1950s, the Philippines had succeeded in making thornless durians as well. When it is available in Malaysia, will you get your hands on these smooth durians? Let us know in the comments!

This news is first reported by Mashable South East Asia.

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