Tiger Sugar: Taiwan’s Famous Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Is Coming To Malaysia

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Calling all bubble milk tea enthusiasts, Instagram addicts and those who call themselves both. The popular Taichung brand Tiger Sugar will be roaring into Malaysia real soon. You can never have too much bubble tea, and soon there’s one more brand to choose from. Hang on foodies, good things take time. Read on to find out the date and location of the new opening!


Tiger Sugar is Opening Soon at Sunway Pyramid KL

Although the brand was just established in November 2017, the Tiger Sugar craze started really fast with many willing to queue up even before the shop opens. Thankfully, the famous brown sugar drink is finally opening soon at Sunway Pyramid Mall KL. So Foodies, are you ready to join the queue?


Why the name Tiger Sugar?

Photo: Tiger Sugar Facebook

Well, the Tiger Sugar name comes from the ‘tiger stripes’ formed when the dark brown sugar syrup blends with the thick milk in the cup. Just like fingerprints or the stripes on a tiger, no two Tiger Sugars have the same drizzle. If you want you ‘gram, work fast. The tiger stripes tend to disappear within a minute. And, remember to shake 15 times as recommended by Tiger Sugar. Shake it! (Instagram story time!) Then the drink with its chewy and tasty boba is ready.

More about Tiger Sugar

Instead of a complicated menu, they focus on perfecting each drink by bringing out the taste of every ingredient. Among its most popular offerings is the brown sugar boba fresh milk with cream mousse. It was oddly satisfying as the cup was cold on top but warm at the bottom – one of the reasons their brown sugar boba and pearls are so popular. Fans of its best-seller drinks are known to have stood at least an hour in line, and I just can’t wait to be one of them!

What’s so special about Tiger Sugar?

Photo by: fooddoser (Instagram)

Craving something sweet, creamy and chewy, all at once? Go for Tiger Sugar! Homemade dark brown sugar boba pearls and the mini pearls make the perfect combination. The mini pearls bring a fun element while the boba pearls give a good chew each mouthful. The brown sugar syrup is made from four types of Taiwanese brown sugar that gives the drink a pleasant smell. No kidding! Don’t you wanna have a try?

Another distinct feature is the use of thick, fresh milk which gives the drink a smoother texture. No milk essence, just a sip of their drinks will make your heart pound! There is also their thick cream mousse, which gives the drink a slightly cheesy taste. Unlike other bubble tea places, you will find they don’t offer an option to customise how much ice and sugar you want. Leave it to the professionals to present the combination they deem best.

So When is it Available in KL?


As yet, there is no exact date for the outlet’s opening. The good news is they will announce their grand opening date next week! So do check out Tiger Sugar’s Facebook and Instagram for the latest update. Are you ready to feed your Instagram with Tiger Sugar brown sugar boba fresh milk? I’m YES!

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