TikTok Cats Are Blessed With Luxurious Diet Such As Lobsters, Marbled Steaks, And More

Lucky cats

Hello Foodies! We are here for one thing only, and that is to binge watch the most adorable fluffy creatures eat luxurious meals. And while it can be painful for some of us, it is also calming and entertaining to watch. You won’t believe what these little furballs get to eat on camera. Here, see for yourself.


ASMR Cat Mukbang Gained 1.6M Views In One Video

Shared on TikTok by @adorablepetsdiary are videos of beautiful cats hosting ASMR eating show. What’s making them so popular on the app is because of the cats’ diet. You can clearly see that they are definitely living the life by having lobsters, marbled steaks, and even foie gras as their meals! Not only that, but in the videos, the owner will also spoon-feed them. Of course, this sparks jealousy in a lot of viewers but then again, who could get angry at these cuties?

Netizens Love It

Obviously, the netizen just fell head over heels with these cuties. These well-mannered cats will melt your heart the moment you laid eyes on them. It feels so soothing to watch them being pampered that the videos will help you destress. In fact, you will feel like adopting a cat yourself once you’re done watching.

Source: TikTok

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