Top 10 Movies & TV Series On Netflix That Malaysians Loved In 2019

So much excitement in one year!

Greetings, foodies! We’re finally closing the chapter on 2019 and we can’t help but reminiscent on what has actually gone down this year. One of the things we can all look back on together are the movies and TV series we’ve watched over the year on Netflix. Either it’s watching it with our favourite snacks in hand or just binge watching it through the night, Netflix has undoubtedly become a part of our routine. Here are top 10 releases on Netflix in 2019 that have been loved by you and fellow Malaysians:

10 Most Popular Netflix Releases In Malaysia:

#10 Fractured


Starting off the list is this psychological thriller movie that revolves around one man’s mission to look for his family – very Taken-inspired indeed. Fractured shows Ray (Sam Worthington) roams around the hospital looking for his wife and daughter, whom disappears with no one having any recollection of them being there. If you’re into uncovering mysterious truths while roaming staggeringly white walls of hospital corridors and rooms, then this’ll be your cup of tea.

#9 Secret Obsession

Photo: Business Insider Malaysia

Down the list, is yet another psychological thriller movie that is pretty much what the movie title embodies to be. If you grew up watching Disney Channel (wayyy before Netflix was even a thing in Malaysia), then you’ll recognise the familiar face of Brenda Song in this movie. Secret Obsession is about Jennifer (Song) waking up with an amnesia after a traumatic attack, all is good because her loving husband is there by her side through it all. However, she slowly discovers her life may not be over from danger after all.

#8 The Umbrella Academy


Up next, it’s no surprise that this highly-raved Netflix TV series on the list. If you’ve no clue on what The Umbrella Academy is all about, a simple summary will not do it justice. The gist of it basically centres on six members of the The Umbrella Academy, who has been trained by their adopted father to save the world. They work together to not only solve the mystery surrounding their father’s death whilst facing the looming threat of a global apocalypse.

#7 The Perfect Date


Anyone (who’s everyone) pretty much knows who’s Noah Centineo – for being one of Netflix’s go-to teen rom-com movie heartthrob. Well, he’s done it again by winning millions of girls’ hearts with another rom-com that was released earlier this year. In The Perfect Date, Brooks (Centineo) creates an app where he can be the perfect stand-in boyfriend for any occasion for a price. However, when business starts booming, and things start getting out of hand where Brooks needs to reconsider his beliefs.

#6 Triple Frontier


Next, is this action drama movie that had seen a lot of big names being thrown in the movie, such as Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam. Not only that, the movie was co-written by Academy Winner Mark Boel, who had written for movies like Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker – both immensely successful war-themed movies. Triple Frontier sees a group of former Special Forces operatives in an epic battle for survival as they plan a heist at the multi-border zone of South America.

#5 Tall Girl

Photo: Netflix

If you’ve ever felt like your difference sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, then this movie will resonate with you more than ever. Tall Girl revolves around one of the tallest girl in school who has always been insecure about her height. Watch as she falls for a handsome foreign exchange student and gets embroiled in a love triangle. A movie about accepting what makes you different yet special – it’s perfect for those coming-of-age.

#4 Isn’t It Romantic


As we enter the next half of this list, we sort of see a pattern of liking towards rom-coms. When you have a hilarious and gorgeous cast put together, it’s sort of hard to resist it. In Isn’t It Romantic, Natalie (Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect) is thrown into a situation where she’s stuck in a romantic comedy. Original and funny, you really can’t miss this out for a plain good laugh at the end of a tiring day.

#3 The Witcher

Photo: Netflix

This next TV series may have just been released a week ago, but it is already creating all the buzz needed to climb its way to the #3 spot in Malaysian viewers’ hearts. We won’t deny that some of us are just here to watch Henry Cavill (Man Of Steel) in long, luscious white hair. But it’s so much more than that. The Witcher focuses on Geralt (Cavill) as a mutated monster hunter, where he fights more than just monsters but also people who often appear to be more wicked than beasts themselves.

#2 Murder Mystery

Photo: Business Insider Malaysia

Grabbing the second spot is none other than another rom-com – Murder Mystery. However, this time we get to see our favourite duo again, Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler (after sparkling their magic on Just Go With It). Dwindled in another hilarious situation where the duo plays a pair of married couple, who has been caught in the middle of the murder investigation on a billionaire’s yacht. Although, ratings have not been great on this movie, but it has successfully garnered 73 million household watchers in the first month!

#1 6 Underground

Photo: (Google)

Last but certainly not least, taking the #1 spot is none other than the newly-released action-packed movie, 6 Underground. Taking Michael Bay’s epic directing & producing, and combine them with Ryan Reynold’s witty acting, people can’t seem to resist watching this movie. 6 Underground brings together six distinctly exceptional individuals from all around the world have been chosen to fight evil. While they have been chosen for their skills, but they all possess the unique desire to delete their pasts to change their future.

Which of these shows are you planning to watch next on Netflix?

From psychological thrillers to rom-coms, this list of top 10 Netflix movies and TV series has it all and it certainly tells off the wide range of Netflix viewers out there in Malaysia. We know this does not speak out to everyone, since we all have our own preference. However, why not try out and watch one of the shows that you’ve missed out on this year? After you’re done, just sit on and wait for brand new released coming this January!

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