Top 10 Things to Order & Do at Muse Eatery KL

Another Instagrammable Cafe Foodies!

It’s the weekend and there goes the typical questions like “Where to eat ah?” “Any nice cafe to chill?” and so on. We get it, it’s frustrating sometimes not knowing where to go even after checking the Internet. Well, we’re here to help. Hop on as we go for yet another foodventure (review time) to Muse Eatery, a cafe good enough for the gram.



Top 10 Things to Order & Do at Muse Eatery KL:

While this is definitely a review blog, we thought of ditching the old format and do something fun. That is, a compilation of some of the best things to eat and do at Muse Eatery for a more direct approach. Meaning, you guys don’t have to read until so susah. Muse Eatery is situated under an old flat, which makes it even more amusing. Discover how old meets new in today’s blog.


#1 Act Like an OPPA with the Korean Yangnyeom Burger

They say you can judge whether a food is good based on its presentation, and we could say this Korean Yangnyeom Burger is 10 out of 10. Juicy grilled chicken marinated with sweet-spicy korean sauce. The yolk oozes when you take a bite, so good!


#2 Muse Nasi Lemak Will Turn You Into a True Local

Nasi lemak is no doubt Malaysian’s recognized national dish. Muse nasi lemak has an authentic flavor profile with a modern twist. We thought it’s a hybrid of nasi lemak and nasi kerabu given the blue rice and fried chicken. Sunny side up enhanced the creaminess, and NEVER forget about the sambal, it’s the highlight of the whole dish.


#3 YUMCHA Session is Better With White Rabbit Milk Tea

Remember the White Rabbit Milk Tea that took over the Internet some time ago? It’s an Asian thing. You can now get the drink at Muse Eatery! This whole sweet, milky drink is nothing but a reminiscent of your childhood favourite sweet. The drink alone will be the best frame in your social media feed.


#4 Feed Your IG / Social Media with All The Insta Worthy Corners

We did mention Muse Eatery being an Instagrammable spot, but we did not expect them to be this GOOD. From food presentation to their interior, furniture and vibe, every element screams “Insta-worthy!” Pictures can’t even do this place justice.

Cr: @kingsley_lens


Cr: @immateapot


#5  Fluffly Boba Milk Tea Hokkaido Toast, Boba Trend Isn’t Over Guys

If you have yet to notice the boba milk tea hype in Malaysia, you’re definitely missing out. Skip all the unnecessary queue at boba shop and try out this Limited Boba Milk Tea Hokkaido Toast. Eggy, fluffy toast with a crisp on the outside is topped with Vanilla ice cream and boba. DIY your own flavor with the milk tea syrup and extra boba on the side. The flavor’s super milky with a hint of roasted tea, and surprisingly not too sweet.

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#6 Menu Fit for Everyone, Including Our Family

Muse Eatery has an extensive menu perfect for solo travelers or even brunch for the whole family. Flavors varies, from hearty toasts to heavy meals with balanced carbs and proteins. Time to treat your family, they’re the most important people in your life.

#7 Not a Fan of Boba? Try the Newest Unicorn Hokkaido Toast with Your BFF!

Bring your BFF along and treat them this Magical Unicorn Hokkaido Toast. They’re very limited as in 10 servings per day ONLY. This sweet, colorful treat would cheer up even the saddest soul, perfect for your heartbroken friends. If you love your BFF who happens to be a sweet tooth, get them this magical treat!

#8 Fulfill Your Childhood Dream with Milo Kaw Kaw

Malaysians would get this, their favourite drink back then as a kid would be Milo. The joy of Milo trucks coming to school is indescribable, we would do whatever it takes just to get an extra cup. Reminisce your childhood memory with their Milo Kaw Kaw, the drink’s so rich we thought they poured the whole tin of Milo powder into that one cup.

Cr: @rafidaaaaaaaah

#9 Har Jiong Chicken Chop is LEGIT

We noticed this dish in the menu and was told the Har Jiong (shrimp paste) Chicken Chop is Muse Eatery’s bestseller. We went like WTF how could this weird flavor be such a hit? We proceeded to ordering this dish just to prove others wrong, and we were so wrong instead. The chicken chop was like no other, with savory shrimp flavor and a little bitter aftertaste. The experience was further enhanced given it’s crunchy texture, we felt like we were having tempura for a second.

#10  Lay Back on The Pink Chair and Befriend The Residential Cat

If you’re a cat lover, this is perfect. The vibrant rattan chairs placed the outside are not only Instagrammable, but comfortable enough to lay on it and unwind the afternoon. If you’re lucky, Muse Eatery’s residential cat might walk by for some attention.


It’s interesting to see how Muse Eatery added life to the old neighbourhood with its aesthetic charm. We loved how the quality of food and service is preserved despite being labelled as Instagrammable. Definitely worth a few visits at least, and KL Foodie-approved of course. So don’t forget to tag all your friends for another round of cafe hopping, buh bye!


Muse Eatery KL

Address: BG-7, Block B, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
More Information:

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