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15 Amazing And Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Who doesn’t love free things? You would definitely agree with us that the best things in life are free, especially when we’re looking to save some dough while still having fun. We know you well so here we’ve curated 15 Amazing And Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur that will allow you to make the most of this city!


15 Amazing and Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

1. Wander through KL Forest Eco Park

Photo: fromwherewepost

This hidden treasure is one of the oldest forest reserves in Malaysia. Take a moment to flee from the concrete jungle and start this little adventure of yours with a 200m worth of canopy walk. Get ready to dive into refreshing greenery offering an excellent aerial view of the surrounding forest and city skyline, so beautiful! A rainforest oasis right in the middle of the capital city, this is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss!

Photo: princeianjervis
Photo: simpleexplorer

2. Visit the Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers was designed by an Argentinian architect, Cesar Pelli. The building was once the tallest building in the world from 1998 until 2004. The beauty of its monochromatic tones and steel panels, so Instagrammable! Of course, there are many other activities to do around the two corn-shaped building.

Photo: 101motivosparaviajar

You can take a stroll at KLCC Park. It is a 50-acre garden to provide a touch of greenery for the Petronas Twin Towers and the areas surrounding it. Not to mention, the Lake Symphony with the water fountains can shoot water up to a height of 42m. It’s nothing short of romantic to stroll through the double-decker sky bridge between the two towers with the Lake Symphony show stealing the attention.

Photo: ellisxtung
Photo: adventurewithray

3. Climb rainbow stairs at Batu Caves

Photo: oilicnidnam

Batu Caves is a site of Hindu temple and shrine. The temple itself is approximately 100 years old whereas the limestone formation is 400 million years old. After going through a facelift. the vibrant new look comprises of colourful 272 steps.

Photo: hulkysgurl

At the entrance, you will notice a monumental statue of Hindu deity Lord Murugan before the colourful steps in the background. While you’re stepping on layers of rainbows, you will notice monkeys just hanging around and there will be bats flying around in the cave! Just ready your camera and take some photos to live up your Instagram feed!

Photo: heidyehssan

4. Visit Thean Hou Temple

Photo: haharraz

This six-tiered Buddhist temple is dedicated to the heavenly mother, Thean Hou. It’s worth mentioning that the temple has touches of both traditional and modern architecture and is very rich in colour. You will find dragon inspired decoration on the rooftops and colourful lanterns, red and yellow, welcoming you into the temple. This temple is worth the feed, inner peace and a sense of going back in time to discover its amazing architecture from the old times.

Photo: hannesjocarter
Photo: juliacarkov

5. Stroll in the Perdana Botanical Gardens

Photo: cindeywanderlust

Originally created as part of a recreational park but planted with collections of tropical plants, the garden has been rehabilitated and turned into a Botanical Garden. Here you can explore the well-established themed gardens, soothing waterfalls and well-maintained landscaped gardens. Despite being in the middle of a bustling metropolis. this is a perfect place to enjoy the ambience of being in a tropical rainforest.

Photo: rita_hloui
Photo: sophie_penfold

6. Enjoy the National Art Gallery

Photo: l_vky29

This four-storey gallery is home to several of nation’s leading artists and designers. Featuring over 2,500 works of art, this is the place where you can appreciate and admire the art while you are in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It displays paintings, sculptures, batik and other works done by artists from Malaysia and all over the world. Depending on when you visit, you’ll also get the chance to appreciate any number of touring exhibitions as well as experimental works.

Photo: donn_lau
Photo: raniaadrianna

7. Tour the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Photo: lllll_li0414

Established in 1885, Royal Selangor has deemed the maker of the world’s finest pewter. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a modern glass-clad foyer set within scenic lush landscaping. The best part is you can take the most Instagrammable shot here, with the world’s largest giant tankard which recognised by the Guinness World of Records!

Photo: aehmoomoo

Royal Selangor continuously pushes the boundaries of design while staying true to their craftsmanship. You can wander through their museum and gallery to see all their designs! For those up to the challenge, you can try hammering a pewter sheet to get a feel of the process. This is where you can learn everything about pewter.

Photo: ivanyeoh

8. Pay a visit to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum

Photo: jkeelee

BNM Museum is designed to be an informal educational avenue for anyone who seeks a greater understanding of the Malaysian economy and its economic history. This place is full of interesting facts and, at this museum, you can learn all about money through interactive games and computerised activities.

Photo: jim_jim_52

Additionally, the museum consists of several galleries including the Economics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Numismatics Gallery and Children’s Gallery. One of the most striking features in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum is the Nautilus Staircase that begins from the lobby and links every floor. The spiral symbolically reflects the desire for knowledge that never stops and this is definitely the perfect spot for taking pictures!

Photo: _c_l_e_o

9. Get your culture fix at the National Textile Museum

Photo: azam.afgani

National Textiles Museum is housed in one of the city’s most impressive colonial-era buildings. This museum is well worth a visit even for those not fascinated about textiles. The exhibit is divided into four galleries that display Malaysia’s textile history. Including textiles, accessories and costumes, as well as, the tools, materials and the techniques. Whether it is Batik, Songket or Pua Kumbu, the unique style, and design of Malaysian textiles are synonymous with elegance and beauty.

Photo: nomad.emma

10. Discover Chocolate Museum

Photo: wan_shifa

If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Chocolate Museum is the latest, most interactive and one-of-a-kind chocolate museum in South-East Asia with interactive digital displays. You are sure to find out interesting facts and the making process you never knew about chocolate. The best thing is you can also purchase a wide range of famous chocolate delights at good prices in the museum’s shop. What’s not to like? A chocolate museum and it’s free admission, let’s go!

Photo: chocolate_museum_kd
Photo: mizz_my_84

11. Take a free art tour at Petronas Gallery

Photo: kelvinnnnn83

Established in 1993, Petronas Gallery is an elegant art gallery with over 1,000 works of art. This non-profit visual art gallery has a robust art programme that ensures each visit is a unique experience. You can also participate in free art classes which promoting local techniques. Moreover, the exhibits change throughout the year hence it is always a good idea to drop by whenever you have the time

Photo: zahidahazman
Photo: ckw_aes

12. Admire the beautiful views at The Orchid Garden

Photo: diaitayoga

Calling all orchid lovers, flower enthusiasts and those who call themselves both. This is the place you shouldn’t miss! This garden showcases various species of orchid as well as a centre where conservation of orchids and the study of them are done. You will be able to see over 800 species of orchids and a total of 6000 orchids all together. It is the perfect place to get some respite from the frenetic city while feasting your eyes on brilliant blossoms.

Photo: jamie______taylor
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13. Explore the historical parts at Merdeka Square

By janjan.relles

Hands down, Dataran Merdeka is undoubtedly the best historical landmark in all Malaysia! This is the historical place where the Union Flag was lowered and the Malayan flag was raised for the very first time on 31st August 1957. Of course, it is also the usual venue for all Merdeka Parades.

Photo: maltseva_kss

Besides, this landmark is great for photographs with perfectly green lawns and a centrepiece of the tallest flagpole in the world displaying the Jalur Gemilang. On top of that, there’s the picturesque nineteenth-century building Sultan Abdul Samad Building right at the background. You can for sure try to take a wholesome scenic shot of the magnificent building.

Photo: nawadet

14. Take Instagrammable photos at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Photo: jayychw

One of the coolest street arts in KL belongs on the streets of Changkat. Depicting a river, the street art extends to the ground as well as its surrounding walls. Featuring an extremely realistic appeal with the tiny ripple leading to pool water and different white and blue accents are added to the “river” to make it appear natural. This is definitely the spot for you to get all those Instagram shots, so what are you waiting for?

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Photo: pomelogue

15. Visit the National Mosque

Photo: sherellshanice
Photo: wandertrio

The mosque has a large capacity of 15,000 people and is surrounded by lush greenery which expands to a 13-acre land. With no cost needed to enter the place, you can visit the sacred halls during specific hours of the day. Before entering the mosque, you will be given a floor-length robe to put on by an attendant. Leave the shoes outside of the building before entering, immerse in the beauty of the bold and modern building that marks a symbol of the Islamic country of Malaysia.

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List: Free Things To Do In KL

Finally, we’ve come to an end! We hope today’s 15 Amazing and Free Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur treated you well. Please feel free to share with us more free activities to do in KL in the comment section. Have the best day ever in our capital city! Bye!

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