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Top 7 Things To Do At Skytropolis Funland Genting

Weekend Destination With The Fam!

Remember when the news for Skytropolis was replacing the First World Indoor Theme Park got everybody’s attention and the crowd was soaring out of anticipation to check it out? Well here’s an insight into what you can’t miss and how you can have fun? Hop on the joy ride!

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Skytropolis Genting – Things To Do

Let’s cut straight to the chase and start with pricing! While RM10 per ride may sound like a cheaper option, with an over of 24 exciting rides and attractions, we’d say, go ahead with the Skytropolis Funland Preview Pass for RM60 and get unlimited experience minus the QUEUE which gets pretty crazy during the weekend! So go on ahead and save yourself from all that hassle and spend a day doing fun things at your own leisure! Scroll down and check it out.


1. Thrill Rides

Ranging from heart-stopping to some exhilarating rides, Skytropilis Fundland is here to tingle you with almost eight rides with five rides usually being accessible on a good day! Among them are Spin Crazy, Power Surge, Disco, Sky Towers, Bumper Boss, Stormy Voyage, Music Express, Super Glider. Besides, you gotta be at least 105 to 140 cm for riders below 1.22m  accompanied by an adult. With rides where huge pendulum takes its riders on gut-twisting, 360 degrees spins high up in the air, we’d opt for a clear stomach and hell lotta enthusiasm.

2. Family Rides

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With a height of 80cm and above, you’re pretty much good to go! On family rides, enjoy yourself with your kids on fairly fun rides with the younger ones being able to enjoy exhilarating that are equally save involving spaceships that can be controlled to fly higher or lower.

Can’t go wrong with Skyscraper where you’re on gondolas forming Ferris wheels perfect for the fam to sit tight and enjoy the view! Among the rides are Balloon Race, Copper Express, Royal Carousel, Space Cadets, Tea Cups, Chariot cruise and soaring ships sounding like an adventure.

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3. Child Rides

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With the intensity level at 2/10, there ain’t no time to cry, babies! Today, its all about going crazy cuz you’re allowed to. Let’s go! If you’re 90 cm and above, you’re all set. Ranging from Jumping Spurs to Loop de Loop, come on Whirly Bugs, Ride Em Round with your Boo Boo Bump. All in all, parental supervision is required at all times so mommy daddies, you’re still on duty calls!

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4. The Void

Into PUBG ? Fans, introducing The Void,  a large virtual space using custom VR technology along with physical stages to create immersive experiences that inspire exploration and engagement. , fending off virtual enemies with their weapons, the biggest of its kind outside of North America, and the first in Asia. This is legit.


Tickets for The VOID alone cost about RM130 but go ahead save yourself some dough(RM40) by purchasing the combo pass for just RM150 with the Skytropolis Funland Preview Pass combo combined and enjoy some live actions geared up in VR headset and vest. The Void includes titles from well-loved franchises such as Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Ralph Breaks VR, Ghostbusters and The Void’s own original spooky experience: Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

5. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Calling out the Star War die-hard fans cuz this 15mins VR Experiences of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire will literally transport you into the tumultuous world of the Star Wars Rogue One movie. Once Captain Cassian Andor had briefed you, take off to the molten planet of Mustafar disguised as stormtroopers and fend off giant lava monsters and other stormtroopers, using the baddest worst blaster rifles and go one to one with  Darth Vader! With the ultimate experience offering an immaculate sound system and vibration, it’s as real as it gets!

6. Ralph Breaks VR


Come around to save  Ralph by fighting off rabbits and fend off amiable creatures using big guns as much as you’d want to cuddle them! A mission is a mission. Along the way, drown in food wonderland where you’ll be attacked by pancakes, pizzas, and cakes.

That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Great for younger children supervised by parents, they’ll enjoy immersing themselves in this interactive cartoon virtual world seeming real as possible as blaster bolts and smoke surround the place for extra effect but you gotta do whatcha gotta do to win the game!

7. Food


From all that activity, we bet you’ll need to fuel up for another round. Ranging from all the snack you’d hid from your kids, today’s the day to let loose with Wowfills, Ice Cream & Gelato, Durian Delights, Popcorn (Caramel Classic, Banana, BBQ Chicken, Curry, Durian, Strawberry, Wasabi) & Fair Floss, Local Pastries, Think Pink, Malaysian Delight or Circus Snacks to pick from!

We’d opt for the Wowfills serving freshly-made egg waffles served with ice cream or soft serve for RM14. Sprinkle it up with any of M&M chocolates, chocolate rice, jelly beans, or gummy bears for just RM1.50 extra!

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SkyTropolis Funland

And that’s a wrap yet they’re nowhere stopping with their goal to excite you to the core! Hence,  introducing Imaginatrix which combines real rides with virtual reality, Eagle Landing Zipline, individual games at BigTop Video Games Park and so much more. Tune into their page for more information and let us know in the comments below your favourite activity to immerse in during your visit at Skytropolis Funland! Happy Holidays!

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Address: First World Plaza (Resorts World Genting) First Level
Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM to 12 AM.

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