5 Must-Try Kopitiams In Selangor With Authentic Local Coffee & Classic Kaya Toasts

Apart from Nasi Lemak, Kopitiam’s breakfast menu is also well-loved by Malaysians. Kopitiam, which generally means “coffee shop” in Hokkien dialect, was introduced by the Hainanese people in Malaysia who were mostly involved in the hospitality industry back in the day. Fast-forward; kopitiams are still a popular choice for dine-ins and take-outs. Below are 5 must-try kopitiams in Selangor for the authentic taste of coffee and scrumptious classic toast!


5 Must-Try Kopitiams In Selangor

1. Auntie Kopitiam @ Kuala Selangor

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Auntie Kopitiam is a famous coffee shop located in Kuala Selangor District which opened its door in 1935. Several Malaysian celebrities have also gotten their coffee here and many television programs have featured this kopitiam. In addition to sipping the delicious traditional Hainanese coffee, there are also other food available such as Nasi Lemak, cakes, toast and more. Customers can also enjoy one of their signatures, Curry Laksa Mee which is a perfect meal to start your day!

For more information, contact 03-3289 7289

2. Thong Kee Cafe @ Petaling

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Thong Kee Kopitiam is one of the famous kopitiams in Petaling District with their unique coffee menu. Its owner who has more than 30 years of experience has created the menu; 1+1 Cham Peng which is a combination of Hainan coffee and tea. This special menu has received positive responses from the locals. In addition to the 1+1 Cham Peng menu, the shop also serves a variety of menu options for breakfast which include toast, half-cooked eggs and a variety of pastries such as croissants and doughnuts.

For more information, log on to or contact 03-7496 6847

3. Chong Kok Kopitiam @ Klang

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It used to be a hotel but now it is a classic coffee shop that is very popular among the locals regardless of race. Chong Kok Kopitiam shop has been operating since 1940. In this shop, you can witness groups of customers from various races and ethnicities enjoying their coffee and toast together. Uniquely, the store prepares its half-cooked eggs menu by using a special machine. This method makes their half-cooked eggs tastier and creamier than using the classic method often being used elsewhere.

For more information, contact 03 3371 0996

4. Nam Wah Kopitiam Bt 18 @ Hulu Langat

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Another classic coffee shop in Selangor is located in Hulu Langat District. The shop is one of the popular stop-overs among cyclists as the shop is located close to the relatively-challenging natural bike tracks. So, it is to a no-surprise if you meet a lot of cyclists when you dine at this shop. The special thing about this kopitiam is that it serves a toast menu with a selection of kaya, or chicken curry which is specially-prepared by the owner of this shop.

5. Kedai Makanan Sun Sun Nam Cheong @ Hulu Langat

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Sun Sun Nam Cheong is one of the long-operating coffee shops in Selangor, famous for their original recipes dating more than 100 years old. Apart from coffee, special menu at this shop include Hailam Chicken Chop and Hailam Mee. The former is a menu created by the Hainanese people who migrated to Malaysia during British colonial era. Thus, this menu is a Western and Chinese combination. As a store operating with a halal certificate, the food menu from this store is prepared using halal ingredients. So, you can eat without any hesitations!


For more information, contact 03-6064 1168

Authentic Local Coffee & Classic Kaya Toasts

Wow, what an appetizing selection of coffee and toast menu offered at these 5 kopitiams! Without a doubt, kopitiams are well-loved by all Malaysians, regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. Do not miss out on the chance to taste authentic kopitiam delights in Selangor! However, during this Covid-19 pandemic, you must always abide by the SOPs set by the National Security Council. Always ensure social distancing, wear face masks in public, as well as apply hand sanitizer regularly.

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