Travel Overseas With Peace Of Mind With AirAsia Travel Protection

Catching a travel bug? We understand you. After years of zero travelling, you deserve the perfect vacation with no worries and no concerns. It may sound impossible, but it is in fact possible with AirAsia Travel Protection!


AirAsia Travel Protection: The All-rounder Travel Insurance Plan For Travellers

Introducing AirAsia Travel Protection, a comprehensive travel insurance plan that provides travellers with the benefits they need, including COVID-19 coverage. It is perfect for those who wish to seek compensation for any troubles pertaining to travel. This is also an insurance plan specially designed for travellers who are travelling overseas with AirAsia.

With this, your trip will certainly be a breeze as the plan covers personal accidents, trip cancellations, flight delays, lost baggage, emergency medical evacuation, and so on. Moreover, you can choose between Lite Plan and Plus Plan to see which choice is best suited to your travel needs, starting from only RM40!

Here are the differences between Lite Plan and Plus Plan:

1. Lite Plan (Without COVID-19 Coverage)

An affordable, excellent travel insurance plan that covers you before, during and after your trip. It allows you to claim up to RM 800 for baggage delay, RM1,400 for flight delays, RM 300,000 for accidental deaths, RM 600 for missed flight connections and more! Not to mention that you will be entitled to 24-hr worldwide travel assistance throughout your journey.

2. Plus Plan (With COVID-19 Coverage)

This all-rounder mighty plan will help cast away your worries, especially the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Best of all, if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 before your trip, you are entitled to claim up to RM 5,000 for air tickets, accommodation, local tour packages or admission tickets.


Check out these flexible plans that also fulfil the international immigration requirements*.

Plan 50

This plan fulfils Thailand and Vietnam‘s immigration requirements, so you don’t have to fret about the country’s requirements. It allows you to claim medical expenses of up to RM 50,000 (USD10,000), emergency overseas evacuation & repatriation of up to RM 30,000, hospital income of up to RM6,000, and trip cancellation due to COVID-19 of up to RM5,000. 


Plan 110

This plan is in accordance with Singapore’s and Indonesia’s immigration requirements. You can claim medical expenses of up to RM 110,000 (USD10,000) along with the same benefits listed above. 


Plan 250

A plan that is in line with Brunei’s and the Philippines’ immigration requirements. Choosing this allows you to claim your medical expenses of up to RM 250,000(USD 50,000) along with the same benefits listed above.

If you wish to submit a claim, just go on to and search for “Claims”.

*Terms and conditions apply

**As entry requirements may continue to change from time to time, you are strongly encouraged to check the travel requirements with the respective immigration of your destination country before purchasing the plan.​​​​

Protect Yourself Against The Unexpected With AirAsia Travel Protection

For your peace of mind during your long-awaited trip, it is recommended that you purchase Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plus Plan 250 with a minimum cover of US$50,000 (Plan 250). Then there will be no more worrying about COVID-19 ruining your vacation. Happy travelling and don’t forget to add on AirAsia Travel Protect when you fly with AirAsia.

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