Uncle Roger Is Back In Malaysia, Just In Time For MCO 2.0


Hello, niece and nephew! Everyone’s favourite ‘uncle’ is back in town, coincidentally with the announcement of a second movement control order (MCO) just yesterday.


Malaysian Comedian ‘Uncle Roger’ Is Back In Malayisa!

Nigel Ng, or better known as the well-known Uncle Roger, posted a story on his Instagram yesterday stating that he’s finally “Back in Malaysia! (Just in time for lockdown here)”. Coincidentally, another round of MCO will be implemented in most states in Malaysia starting tomorrow, from 13 Jan to 26 Jan 2021, for two weeks.

If you didn’t already know, Nigel is a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur who then went over to the UK to become a full-time stand-up comedian. In July 2020, his portrayal of ‘Uncle Roger’ went viral globally after his review of an egg fried rice tutorial on BBC. After that, his videos pretty much blew up and catchphrases of “Haiyaa” and “Fuiyooo” easily caught on.


Uncle Roger has become a worldwide hit that no doubt international celebrities are going to take notice of him as well. Just yesterday, Bang Chan from the Korean group Stray Kids had even said that he’s trying to cook the perfect egg fried rice that’s good enough for Uncle Roger’s approval.

Time To Make Some Egg Fried Rice

While we all continue to stay home and wait for the MCO to be over, we can’t help but to anticipate Uncle Roger’s upcoming content! Now that he’s back in Malaysia, we can only hope to see more local content and possibly more fried rice reviews. Which is your favourite fried rice review from Uncle Roger? Let us know in the comments below!

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