Watch: Students Fined For Selling Milk Tea From Their Car Boot Get A Helping Hand From Passersby


Hello, friends! If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that this year has been all but one word to describe it – tough. Either it’s dealing with it mentally or financially, we’re all impacted one way or another. As some of us look to earn a little extra income when we can, things may not go smoothly – like these students who were fined for selling milk tea from their car boot.


Kind Samaritans Help Out Students Whom Were Looking For Extra Income

In a short TikTok clip uploaded to Twitter by @iszlqrn on 10 October, it shows two students trying to make a couple extra bucks selling Cha Aroi Bang (milk tea) from a car boot at a parking lot. However, things took a sudden turn after only managing to sell 5 bottles of milk tea.

As seen from the video, the students were approached by the MBSA (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam) officers and were subsequently fined a total of RM300 for operating illegally without a license. The incident then caught the attention passersby from the park to stop at their tracks, including an elderly aunty.

The kind hearted aunty was in fact furious about the incident and felt that it was unfair for the students to be fined. She even questioned why is it wrong for them to earn a little extra money, as it wasn’t stealing or anything bad. Without a doubt, her gesture made the students feel better. Well, at least they got to clock in a bit more revenue before packing up as many onlookers took pity on the students and bought their milk tea back home!

You can watch the full clip below for the entire story:


Support Your Local Small Businesses However You Can

Of course, as unfair as it seems for the students, all businesses still need a proper permit to run. But while we’re on the page of local businesses, let us all support our local businesses in our neighbourhood as much as possible. Either it’s buying something or sharing to your friends and family, we know any sort of help is appreciated. Stay safe and always have your masks on when you’re out buying food.

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