Watch: Frontliners Fully Soaked In Sweat With Their Uniforms After Being In PPE Suits The Entire Day

All Teary-Eyed

Another day and still no sign of the Covid cases dropping in Malaysia. Recorded cases have consecutively surpass more than 800 this past week. Certain areas have gone under EMCO while some are implementing CMCO with strict SOPs to follow through. As most of us continue on to stay safely at home, let’s not forget that the frontliners are fighting the battle for us outside.


Medical Frontliners Drenched In Sweat Against The Battle Of Covid

Photo: @anthraxxxx (Twitter)

A short clip showing medical frontliners removing their PPE suits after a long day have recently gone viral on several social media platforms. In the video, it’s shown that the frontliners were completely drenched in their sweat upon taking off their PPE suits. They’ve collected so much sweat in their uniforms that sweat droplets can be seen dripping from their arms.

Photo: @anthraxxxx (Twitter)

With Malaysia’s intensely hot weather, we would already be sweating without any air-con on. So imagine being covered in three layers of protective gear and having to work tirelessly indoors or outdoors. We can’t begin to imagine how uncomfortable it is for them. Truly a heart-wrenching sight to see.

Watch the full clip here:

More Heart-Warming Gestures From Frontliners Coming Through

In separate news, a UUM student undergoing quarantine got a heart-warming surprise from the medical frontliners on her birthday. Based on the video uploaded by @Khiera_Wzag, they even sung “Happy Birthday” to her and presented her with a birthday cake. There’s nothing more wholesome than this!

Salute To All Frontliners & Let’s Do Our Part As Well

Remember that while we’re staying comfortably at home, frontliners all over the country are working 24/7. It is even harder this time, as there are even more cases compared to previous times. So, let’s do our part by staying home and adhering to all SOPs because in the end of the day what we all want is to flatten the curve. Stay home and stay safe, peeps!

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