Artbox Malaysia: Things You Need To Know About This Event

Artbox Sunway.

This post is all about Artbox Malaysia, which happening in Sunway City, PJ!


Yep, you’ve probably seen or heard about Artbox coming to Malaysia here and there, still it’s worth mentioning because editor is damn excited! Like seriously? The most Instagrammable and innovative night market in Bangkok is coming here? Come to think of that, it makes perfect sense coz they were in Singapore earlier this year. So, let us walk you into what Artbox Malaysia has to offer.

First Off, Where Exactly Will Artbox Malaysia Locate?

Happening on two consecutive weekends, 9-11&16-18 of Novemeber 2018. Many are still confused of the location. So we included a map for you guys, you’re welcome. It’s at the open carpark of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur. How to get to Artbox Malaysia? Click in here, scroll till the end and you’ll know.

Why The Name Artbox?

Cr: @artbox_th

Well if you’ve been to Artbox Bangkok, you’ll see the stalls are actually made from containers. When occupied and installed with one’s creativity and direction, it became an Artbox, hence the name. Artbox is unique because they’re occupied by creative souls, where local fares and offerings are infused with the modern concept.

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Okay Tell Me What’s There at Artbox Malaysia?



#1 Food of Course

Cr: @happycheesetoast

One of the main reasons people fly over to Bangkok is to savor their lip-smacking street food, cheap cheap and good. Drink all the Thai milk tea, green tea and coffee all you want. Coconut ice cream, mango sticky rice, fried giant squid, cheesy scallops, skewered pork, and MORE. Go with an empty stomach and makan okay?

Credit: @twenty1bkk
Cr: @artbox_th
Credit: @artbox_th

#2 Shop Till You Drop

Don’t let editor get started with all the beautiful clothes and pieces in Bangkok. Cheap, good quality, sophisticated, a twist of style and loads of varieties. This is especially for you ladies. Prepare more cash as you’ll need it, and please try not to sleep in Artbox Malaysia.


Cr: @artbox_th



#3 Art Installation (Instagram-worthy Spots)

Cr: @artbox_th

How can Artbox Malaysia be dull when they’re so Instagrammable in Bangkok? Beautifully decorated in the most picture-worthy way with lights and arts, prepare to take tons of OOTDs and post them on social media. There are art installations from the creative local brains so be sure to check them out.

Credit: @artbox_th

#4 Music and Performances

That’s right, during the two weekends at Artbox Malaysia, experience one of best nights of your life with all the above, plus entertainment. Local buskers will be performing and jazzing around. Performers will throw on interesting shows so you can a break in between food and shopping. Show your love and support toward them okay?

#5 Arts & Crafts

Another purpose of Artbox Malaysia is to showcase and help local businesses to grow. Local handmade products and craft that are unique are widely available. Break the typical and be different, support local products such as handmade skincare, earrings, planners, self-made clothing brands and more.

Well of course there a lot more to offer at Artbox Malaysia, editor will be brain-dead if she were to tell you everything in detail. We hope we pumped your excitement a little, so share this to your ji muis and buddies and we’ll see you guys at Artbox Malaysia. Byeeee!

Artbox Malaysia

Date: 9-11, 16-18 November 2018
Venue: Sunway City, KL Malaysia. (Outdoor Open Air Carpark)
Time: 3 p.m.-11 p.m.
More Info:

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