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Check Out This New Delivery Service In Klang Valley That Has The Lowest Delivery Rates In Town

Stay Home, WhereGo Is Here!

Hello, friends! Do you have huge cravings for your favourite cheesecake or chicken rice, but can’t head out for it? Or you want a present delivered to your best friend or loved ones that lives in another district? Of course, there are tons of delivery platforms out there but the costs might be an issue. Fret not! The cheapest delivery service in Klang Valley is here to save your day!


WhereGo Is Your Newest Delivery Partner With The Cheapest Rates

Get everything and anything delivered to your doorstep in just a matter of minutes with WhereGo. With possibly the lowest rates in town, you don’t have to think twice before booking your next delivery now. You can book a motorbike delivery for only RM0.60/km or a car for RM0.80/km. No minimum purchase needed and no hidden charges too! Available only in the Klang Valley, WhereGo is your one-stop solution for all your delivery needs.

Calling all home bakeries, eateries or online shops – WhereGo is here to save your day! Not literally but whenever you need something delivered, you know who to go to. If you’re running a local small business and looking to expand your customer range, then WhereGo can make your business go everywhere and anywhere (within Klang Valley).

Besides that, WhereGo is also expanding its team of passionate delivery riders. They’re currently looking for more drivers and riders to “go beyond destinations”. So if you’re keen on knowing more details, WhereGo is where you should go to find out more.

Get Anything & Everything Delivered To You From WhereGo Today

With the CMCO still in place and cases still steadily increasing, it’s best that everyone stays safely at home. Why not just have WhereGo deliver all your needs to you! From possibly anything you can think of, they will deliver and probably at the cheapest rate you can find. Stay home and have WhereGo deliver to you today!


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Contact: 012-3355 410

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