This M’sia Store Sells White Rabbit Backpacks, Nasi Lemak Pouch & More Local Food Accessories

Too Cute Not To Buy Them All

Hey, foodie fam! We know we all love our Malaysian food too much, especially the classics like nasi lemak or even dumplings. And honestly, we can’t ever get tired of eating them. Now, you not only get to devour your favourite local food, but carry it around and show them off proudly! Because, why not?

Your Favourite Food Turned Into Pouches & Bags By Happy Dumpy Design

Photo: @happydumpydesign (Facebook)
As foodies ourselves, how could we pass on these super adorable designs that symbolise the love of our life – FOOD! Inspiration is taken from the diverse food scene that our local culture has to offer. Everything here is handmade and illustrated to replicate all your favourite foods. Uniquely designed for all Malaysian foodies out there!

Making All Your White Rabbit Candy Dreams Come True

Photo: @happydumpy_design (Instagram)
Photo: @happydumpy_design (Instagram)

First thing’s first, look at that White Rabbit Candy bag! Looking exactly like the enlarged version of the real deal, this Reversible White Rabbit Sweet Backpack will make all your childhood dreams come true. You can now stride with pride carrying your all-time favourite candy bag to class or even to the streets. You’ll have heads turning for sure! Besides backpacks, they also have it in all shapes and forms like pouches, gift bags, packaging and even sling bags.

Photo: @happydumpy_design (Instagram)
Photo: @happydumpydesign (Facebook)

Apart from that, Happy Dumpy Design also has Nasi Lemak and rice dumpling pouches up for grabs. A mini pouch like this instantly adds a pop of whimsical colour to your day-to-day backpacks and handbags. But it ain’t just any ordinary pouch. You can even insert various types of cute fillings into the bamboo leaf pouches (your most favourite flavour) and gift them to your foodie friends and families.

Here’s Where You Can Get Presents For Your Foodie Friends

Photo: @happydumpy_design (Instagram)

We’re pretty sure everyone is looking for that secret santa gift for your colleagues and friends. Look no further! Happy Dumpy Design is rolling out all new Christmas collection that have you squealing in adoration. A snowman that’s made out of ice kacang? Don’t say a word no more, we’re into it!

These Soaps Look Too Real To Be True

Photo: @happydumpydesign (Facebook)
Photo: @happydumpydesign (Facebook)

Yes, you got that right. These kuihs are all SOAPS! Are you guys equally as dumbfounded as we are? Covering all the classic kuihs like Kuih Lapis, Ondeh-ondeh and even Angku Kuih, honestly we don’t know which one to pick. Don’t worry, they don’t actually smell like kuihs! Made with 85% olive oil, these soups also have natural colouring and natural fragrance.

Get Your Hands On Happy Dumpy Goodies

You can also order it through Happy Dumpy’s social media pages. Most of the items sell out pretty fast since they’re handmade from scratch, but they’re open for pre-ordering on most of their designs as well!

Happy Dumpy

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