Elderly Deaf-Mute Couple Runs Humble Stall In Cameron Highlands Selling Various Fruit Crêpes

Nestled in the peaceful town of Tanah Rata, is a humble little stall that has been running for the past 20 years. Yong Teng Cafe has easily become a crowd-favourite spot for both locals and tourists to have simple yet tasty breakfast and lunch. What makes this stall even more amazing is that it’s run by a deaf-mute couple of over 70 years in age!


Yong Teng Cafe: A Crowd-Favourite Breakfast Spot In Cameron Highlands With Crêpes & Local Eats

Photo: Michael.T (Tripadvisor)

Run by Uncle Soon Peng and Madam Teng, the adorable elderly couple has been running Yong Teng Cafe for over 20 years now. Upon sitting down, you’ll be given a piece of paper and pen to jot down your order. It’ll be great if you can communicate with them using sign language too!

Photo: Gerard.R (Tripadvisor)

Sadly, this might be the last year that they’ll be operating the stall. According to an interview with Free Malaysia Today in 2019, they will most likely be retiring this year as it is too taxing on them with no one else to help out or takeover the business in Cameron Highlands.

Photo: @sofiangeeats (IG)
Photo: @andytwc (IG)

Over here at Yong Teng Cafe, there’s a handful of choices you can choose from. Crispy crêpe is topped with fresh fruits such as strawberries, peach, banana and more.

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Besides that, they also serve a variety of simple Western breakfast and local favourites too. From nasi lemak to Mee Jawa, satisfy all your sweet to savoury cravings with dishes all prepared by the couple.

Photo: @justmauve (IG)
Photo: @justmauve (IG)

Pay These Adorable Couple A Visit When You’re At Cameron Highlands

Visiting Cameron Highlands any time soon? Drop by Yong Teng Cafe for some comfort food and say hi to the adorable couple too! Do take note that the waiting time might be longer during peak hours, as they are the only ones manning the stall and preparing the food.

Yong Teng Cafe

Address: 72a, Persiaran Camelia 4, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang

Hours: (DAILY) 7AM – 5PM | Closed TUE & THU

Status: Pork-Free


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